D’you Think Steve Imagined a Completely Wire-Free World For His iPad? LaunchPort Just Made It a Reality


Cables are so last month. Just a few weeks ago, iOS 5 cut the sync umbilical cord, and gave us AirPlay, which liberated the iPad from cables when streaming video or music — and today Dana Innovations’ new LaunchPort freed the iPad completely.

The LaunchPort isn’t the first device to juice up an iDevice through inductive charging — but it is the first to combine a set of magnetic stands with enough power to juice up an iPad using inductive tech.

But boy does freedom come with a price. The system consists of three magnetically attaching pieces, all sold separately: the PowerShuttle back that snaps onto the iPad; a BaseStation tabletop stand; and the WallStation wall mount. The PowerShuttle is $149 while the two docks are $199 apiece.

  • Ben Brown

    why is the iPad running HTC’s Sense..?

  • RilesPro

    York mobile site sucks. I can’t even see as I type this

  • SpamStream

    lol that’s an app

  • jab11

    I’d pay 350, but it seems too big, it’s more than twice as thick as the ipad, will probably be heavy as well… I don’t wanna carry around ipad with that big thing on its back just so I can charge it magnetically… this should be built into the ipads back, like webos devices did

  • Alberto Hernandez

    This seems more inconvenient than a wire.

  • CharliK

    The headline is a total no duh when  you consider wifi sync etc. 

    however, airplay was in iOS 4. 

  • CharliK

    I don’t think you are meant to carry it around. If you want that then you get a mophie power brick as a back up. 

  • SushiX-37

    $200 per docking station/charge point? No thanks. Maybe if it was more cost effective, but no one is buying this for that price.

  • theautomator2

    This does not look like it’s aimed at everyone … more those people who have a dedicated iPad in their home to run their favorite Apps and in particular things such as Sonos, Pandora and home automation systems.  At $350 for a system + the iPad 2 it is waaaaaayyyy more cost effective than a propriety web tablet from the likes of AMX, Crestron, Control 4 etc.  LaunchPort comes from iPort, the company who make in wall docks and mounts for iPods and iPads.  They’re also tied up with Sonance, the guys who make in wall and in ceiling speakers; so they’re probably targeting this at a more specific market. I think it’s pretty cool … I’d buy one for that price.

  • djrobsd

    What a joke… $350… I’ll keep my charger handy thank you.  

  • djrobsd

    Plus.. THE HP TouchPad already had this built in… too bad TouchPads are gone.  

  • aardman

    Wonder what happens if you accidentally brush your shoulder against the wall mounted iPad.

  • theautomator2

    check out the video on their iport YouTube  channel … the guy bangs the heck out of the side of it and it doesn’t budge. Apparently it’s been designed so that once it’s on the wall, not only do the magnets hold it … but so does ring on the wall station.  It’s a pretty cool design IMO.