Trim Your Christmas Tree With These iPhone And iPad Holiday Ornaments



Because hanging a fragile slate of glass and aluminum from a thin twig of Christmas fir is a road to ruin: these iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Christmas Tree ornaments.

Don’t expect anything fancy — they are strictly two-dimensional, printed from photo-quality paper and backed by high-quality cardboard. Heck, you could probably save $11.00 and make them yourself from paper lying around your office. Still, ’tis the season to spend lots of cash on silly ornaments…

  • tabgrip1

    Wouldn’t it be a great trip to trick your family into thinking they’re actually real when they come down to pick their presents on Christmas day?!lols But I agree, it will be much wiser to just print your own copy than to buy them off a store.

  • Isabel866747

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  • RaulLoeffler

    Currently there is no device to allow you to do this. However, there are
    apps that are slowly coming out that offer the streaming of TV and
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  • Dave Abrams

    I only hang ornaments that have been upgraded to iOS 5.