Apple Might Use Almost 90% Of The World’s Gorilla Glass [Report]


Photo by TeppoTK -
Photo by TeppoTK -

Yesterday, Corning announced that weak tablet sales have caused the glassmaker to cut by 25 percent its forecasted fourth-quarter sales of the tough material used to protect mobile displays. Now one analyst estimates Apple could account for up to 88 percent of Gorilla Glass sales.

“However, we estimate that may have dropped to about 50 percent from March through September,” UBS Investment Research analyst Maynard Um tells investors. The drop-off could either be the result of Corning adding new Gorilla Glass customers or, as many believe, rising numbers of unsold non-iPad tablets caused an inventory backlog.

The analyst also weighed in on the reason behind the flaccid fourth quarter for iPad sales. He believes the cause could have been a combination of a weak economy and a potential shift from tablets to laptops. “Given our view that the consumer wallet has not grown materially and if a consumer could not buy all iProducts simultaneously, perhaps there was a shift back in preference to a more traditional form factor with greater functionality,” Um notes.

By happenstance, MacBook laptops sold like gangbusters during the September quarter, exceeding expectations.

  • tekunoloji

    Why do you keep saying Apple uses GG when it hasn’t been confirmed? What if they aren’t?

  • WaterTrooper

    The consumers are pushing for GG. So if Apple wants to keep us happy then I’m pretty sure they will start using GG.

  • J Sm

    The Steve Jobs autobiography had a whole section about Apple using Corning’s GG on the iPhone at least.  Maybe they don’t now, but according to that they did.

  • WVMikeP

    It’s there in the biography.

  • Gadgetmac

    They aren’t.

  • CharliK

    But he’s not talking about iPhones. He’s talking about iPads. Which have never been proven to use Corning’s GG. 

    Also, he fails to recognize that folks are certain there will be a new iPad come Jan/Feb so they aren’t going to spend money on something right now when they can just buy their loved ones a gift card to spend on that awesome new iPad when it releases. THIS is why sales of anything go down in the month to two before a suspected new release. Particularly since Apple doesn’t talk about releases ahead of time even to say “folks we aren’t going to tell you if there is a new iPad, what it will look like or when it is coming out except to say that it will not be anytime before March 1 IF it is going to happen at all.”

  • CharliK

    It is confirmed that they use it for the iPhone via ifixit and Steve saying so in his bio. And it was from Corning. 

    The issue is that it is not confirmed that the iPad uses glass of that chemical makeup and more importantly from Corning. 

    So all this talk that low iPad sales are killing Corning could be totally incorrect because Apple might be getting  their iPad glass 100% from somewhere else. 

  • CharliK

    Actually what they are pushing for is lightweight, scatter proof, scratch resistant, anti-glare finished glass. They don’t care what it is made of or who makes it.