There Will Be 3 iPads In 2012: iPad 3, iPad 2S and Budget iPad 2 [Report]



Apple could offer three versions of its popular tablet in 2012 by repeating a tactic seen with the iPhone. The tech giant may introduce the iPad 3 with a high resolution screen, while also unveiling the iPad 2S for customers wanting more speed, and converting the iPad 2 into a lower-cost entry-level model.

According to Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes, he still expects the iPad 3 to appear in March of 2012. The new tablet would feature a high-definition Retina Display and the Siri voice-recognition system and faster processor. Meanwhile, Reitzes also envisions the iPad 2 remaining in the Apple tablet family. An iPad 2S would just include a faster processor and Siri support. As was seen with the iPhone 3GS becoming free upon the iPhone 4S introduction, Apple could likely reduce the 16GB iPad 2 price to a reported $299.

There had been some reported concerns by iPad 3 suppliers how to increase the new tablet’s resolution while also making the device thinner and extend the battery life. A deal with Sharp could provide the answer. Reportedly, the Sharp LCD screen for the iPad 3 will use IGZO technology, providing 330 dps resolution requiring only a single LED bar. Some suppliers were concerned two light bars would be needed, putting the reduced thickness in doubt.

The analyst estimates Apple will sell 13.9 million iPads for the current quarter, however the figure may actually be lower. He also told investors iPad sales will grow 47 percent to 47.7 million units during fiscal 2012, up from 32.4 million for 2011.

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47 responses to “There Will Be 3 iPads In 2012: iPad 3, iPad 2S and Budget iPad 2 [Report]”

  1. randall says:

    Oh god, we’re starting this “budget” shit again?

  2. Robert Morgan says:

    No there won’t.

  3. MAB1990 says:

    Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit

  4. Custom says:

    Oh mannnnn…not that shit again…

  5. imajoebob says:

    This is the same guy who’ll downgrade AAPL stock when iPad sales beat Apple’s forecast, but “only” increase 40%, not his 47%.

    This barely makes sense if the Kindle starts eating into iPad sales.  But since it seems to be destroying everyone’s tablet except Apple’s, I don’t see it.

  6. Jordan Clay says:

    I know Steve was totally against it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a 7″ iPad.   I thought I hated a 7″ screen till I got my Kindle Fire.   I admit, for being productive and creating content it is kind of painful to use.   BUT for portability, media consumption and other lesser tasks, it is absolutely perfect.  

    Workhorse = 10″ iPad
    Play = 7″ Kindle Fire

  7. deadfrogblog says:

    Crap. Steve goes and Apple starts makes making dumb “budget” moves again. Hopefully this is all just bad conjecture. Regardless, I am looking forward to upgrading my iPad 1 to a iPad 3. 

  8. Chris Watson says:

    wish people would stop banging on about budget 7″ tables. They will NEVER make them because they are sub par, sub standard devices (kindle fire). There will  be an iPad 3 and iPhone 5. iPhone 5 will be the same size as current (maybe different design) but defiantly not a 4″ screen. People need to stop thinking that Apple are going to start making devices like the ‘competition’ because they won’t. They will make their own stuff. Getting bored of all this conjecture and headline grabbing stories. 

  9. Doede Boomsma says:

    I don’t agree with this blogpost. It simply isn’t in line with Apple’s way of introducing hardware. It more like others do.

  10. Don Pope says:

    No there won’t. 

    There will be an iPad 3 and maybe, just maybe, they will keep selling the iPad 2, but I seriously doubt that.

  11. BergaraLinberg says:

    sounds great

  12. Shameer Mulji says:

    or maybe there will be an iPad 3 and the budget iPad will be a 7″ version.

  13. Gregz0r1 says:

    I can see an iPad 3 and a 2 as the ‘budget’ iPad, but not 3 models. That’d be like Apple making a netbook, with cheaper components.
    Not gonna happen.

    Analysts… Geez.

  14. Mark Bradley says:

    It doesn’t make sense for apple to release and iPad 2S and iPad 3 in the same year. It’s either the 2S and budget the iPad 2 or the iPad 3 and budget the iPad 2.

  15. Guest says:


  16. ADimensionOfMind says:

    How much does analyst Ben Reitzes get paid for talking utter crap and publishing it.  Hey! Hey! Barclays I can talk complete uninformed garbage about Apple products till the cows come home, pay me five figures to do it instead : D

  17. LovesMeSomeTech says:

    Really are we going to have months and months of speculation about this every year?  Remember all the talk about the IPhone 5? I don’t need to tell you how that turned out.

  18. John Branham says:

    have we learned nothing?

    there will be one. ONE.

  19. SevanGrim says:

    …so this is a rumor, not a report…

  20. Kayneeezy says:

    Fuck that there will be only ONE!!!!!

  21. MPD01605 says:

    Ok stop this now.  For all reasons listed elsewhere in the comments.

  22. Graham Briggs says:

    Given manufacturing issues making the High DPI tablet screens, I could see Apple releasing a premium iPad 3 with the display, and an iPad 2S without the display, but otherwise equal. I don’t see any reason to keep the iPad 2 around, nor to drop it to $299.

  23. WSSNW says:

    Why does COM still listen to the analyst. They always get it wrong. Especially this far out.

  24. albert root says:

    It seems like it would be such a smart move to reduce the price on the base model and get a huge bump in market share all over the world. Not that they are not worth the price, but it sure would
    be a smart way to grow your base.

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