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Why You Can’t Use Your iPhone During Take-Off


Photo by tom cochrane - http://flic.kr/p/6GM1c8
Photo by tom cochrane - http://flic.kr/p/6GM1c8

Our opinion of the government has never been lower, and every day there is ample proof why. Take the FAA, for example. Despite the absolute lack of evidence that your iPhone can knock a plane from the sky, passengers are still told to turn off their phones. The reason why such a Luddite-like rule exists without any proof? Because there’s no proof iPhones won’t hurt planes, either. Don’t get whiplash shaking your head in utter amazement.

The New York Times estimates in 2010, 7 million U.S. airline passengers likely left their iPhone or iPad on during takeoff or landing, yet there were no accidents attributed to the technology. The iPhone even has an “Airplane Mode” that turns off wireless signals. Aircraft instruments are impervious from such interference, yet the government continues upon insisting playing “Angry Birds” on your iPad will take down an aircraft as sure as a terrorist’s bomb.

Like someone who refuses to acknowledge reality, FAA spokesman Les Dorr told the Times, “There is no evidence saying these devices can’t interfere with a plane, and there was no evidence saying they can.” There’s also no proof I can’t be king of the universe, which according to Mr. Dorr’s reasoning, means I still have a chance of getting that crown.

You would think after all the indignities fliers are forced to endure at the hands of government airport screeners, we could at least use our iPhones in flight. No, instead, every other flight is diverted because someone stayed too long in the bathroom or an F-18 is flying wingtip-to-wingtip with my Continental because someone looks wrong. Yep, my iPhone is a danger to the flying public – because it isn’t.

This sort of circular logic only makes me dizzy – where’s my airsickness bag?


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