• FriarNurgle

    3.5mm jack will live forever!!!

  • Jordan Clay

    Was the 30-pin on the original.   If it wasn’t,  the headphone jack is the only piece that is kind of the same.  even though they significantly changed that.

  • David Ward

    looks like it was connected via firewire 800? at least for syncing, hate to say this but i never owned the original

  • Enrico_Rizzo

    That is firewire 400, isn’t it?

  • mrdrewstone

    Great writing!!

  • gareth edwards

    even now the orig looks like a solid bit of kit. Nice and 2001.

  • s4ndm4n

    30 pin was not on original. FireWire was the first choice, 30 pin came next.

  • Ed_Kel

    Slow news day?

  • Jonathon Wilson

    And means you can be lazy and not write anything! Great job!

  • David Scott

    It’s Firewire 400. 800 wasn’t invented yet.

  • s4ndm4n

    Correct, 400 not 8

  • Boris

    at least you could handle the old one firmly as well as control it with one hand in pocket 

  • No Name

    Because it’s jack norris?

  • No Name

    You can plug in a headphone with remote controls, I’m not sure if they’re in the box though.

  • Boris

    No headphones with remote control in iPod’s box. 

    Even Home button is hard to press with one hand because of slick rounded back of the device. 

    I love its screen & iOS and hate its form-factor. 

  • vistarox

    Don’t you mean Chuck Norris. Wait… I see what you did there

  • Brandon Dillon

    You along with Jonathon Wilson, quite frankly, need to shut the fuck up.

    What do you think needs to be said? His one sentence covers it. Not every article needs to be an essay.

  • joshuacurtiss

    Hey, finally a good John Brownlee article, one with pictures only! ;-p I’m sorry dude, you so opened the door and I couldn’t help myself. It’s all in good fun at this point. Excellent find with the photo, it’s awesome. :)

  • Dilbert A

    Still some gorgeous tech.

  • Dilbert A

    All tech is trade-offs

  • Dilbert A

    damn, you got owned.

  • Dilbert A


  • Dilbert A


  • Boris

    I agree but still…

    Let’s compare two iPad generation which sport roughly the same functionality. 

    The first one is a pleasure to grip (let’s set aside the weight issues). And handling iPad 2 is a pain with device’s tendency to slip off or turn in the hands because of its rounded back. 

    Maybe it’s only me, but, so far, all the people to whom I gave the both models to compare agreed with my conclusion… 

    So I think this is rather a kind of form-over-function issue.