Beautiful Glass Multitouch Keyboard And Mouse Can Make Any Mac More Futuristic



Do you love typing on your iPad, the feel of your digits drumming atop virtualized letters glowing out of slippery glass? No, we thought not: for serious typing, few do, which is why the iPad keyboard case market is doing so well. So I have some haptic problems with this Kickstarter project to bring a wireless multi-touch glass keyboard and mouse to market. Aesthetically, though? Gorgeous.

The keyboard and mouse combo uses infrared LEDs mounted along the edge of the glass, causing light to bounce around inside the glass. When a finger taps down on a key or button, it distorts the light; that distortion is then captured by a miniature camera, which runs the math and calculates which key was being hit.

Finally, a mouse even prettier and less ergonomic than one of Apple's own.

It’s a very nifty trick, and there’s no doubt that this keyboard and mouse would look wonderful sitting in front of an iMac. Even better? The software is open source, allowing other developers to come up with their own drivers for the peripherals:

Imagine a mouse that can select objects and zoom like an iPad or rotate puzzle parts while moving them to position, or a keyboard that can toggle from a standard keyboard to a tool to smear separate areas of color for each finger on an image. You might want to toggle your number pad off and dedicate that space to video-editing CAD design or music mixing. The functions of these spaces are limited only by our imagination!

A $150 Kickstarter pledge will guarantee you the mouse, while $250 or more will guarantee you the keyboard. There’s still 32 days to go, and the project has already made half the $50,000 backing it needs to get off the ground, so it seems like a lock this will enter production.

  • ivucica

    A better visible link would be nice.

  • Jusyina85876

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  • prof_peabody

    no offence to the designer, but I see this as both impractical and not very aesthetically pleasing at all. it would be significantly harder to use that a regular keyboard, with no bonus other than it “looks cool” (if you agree that it does).  

    This is a perfect example of what Apple is always being *accused* of in their designs, but has never actually done.  it puts form above function, and for no good reason either. 

  • Soulrecycler

    I need this and have no scratch
    thanks for the share..

  • gareth edwards

    Completely agree. with this thing you wouldn’t have the haptic feedback of a traditional keyboard or the physical sense of where your fingers are. In that sense only I wouldn’t want one. Then there’s the sheer limitation of the design in terms of ergonomics and ultimately economics.  It’s a great looking exercise in what you could do, but perhaps also what you shouldn’t.

  • Mike Rathjen

    I do like the way it looks, but I often rest my fingers on physical keyboards. This just won’t work for me.

  • Junaidkureshi

    looks sexy, but not practical, but very easy to keep it clean and make your workplace looks attractive 

  • Doug

    mac appears to be futuristic in design but that just adds to the price and the hype. we got an osx desktop a few years ago based on hype from the salesperson at comp usa. they are out of business here and i still haven’t figured out how to transfer incoming e-mail photos to my photo album without a lot of steps. this function is much easier on my windows 7 laptop which i prefer to use anyway. i don’t mind paying for antivirus protection if the machine is more user friendly which i believe windows 7 is. nuff said

  • Richard Jernigan

    Without tactile feedback, it would be impossible to type at a reasonable speed.  Pretty but unusable.