Art Professor Draws His Hero, Steve Jobs, Using Nothing But Descriptive Words



According to redditor cheeseboyhalpert (doubtlessly a nom de plume), this portrait of Steve Jobs was created out of nothing but words, beautiful words.

Cheeseboy — an art professor — assigned his students the task of drawing their hero using nothing but descriptive word, a somewhat advanced art technique. Here’s how Prof. Cheeseboy describes the process:

If you have trouble seeing accurate proportions, I recommend researching the grid drawing method. Create a one inch grid on your photograph to draw from and then very lightly create a one inch grid on your drawing paper. Use each square to help you identify where key landmarks on the drawing should be placed. Once you have a very light line drawing and have a good idea of where the darkest parts of the drawing will be, erase the grid. From there, start writing the words you choose in the darkest spots first. Once you get them fairly dark, start writing bigger words in the mid tone areas. It’s basically understanding that the smaller the words are, the darker the area will be. Also it’s a matter of How many layers of words you use in a particular spot. Save the lightest areas for the end. The lighter areas should have the largest, most spaced out words.

The end result is impressive, although surely I’m not the only one who sees the word ‘sexy’ staring out of Steve’s shoulder blade.