This Amazing iPad 2 Case Will Cling To Almost Anything — Even A Porsche Doing 60 MPH



Have you ever jumped into your car with your iPad in your hands, slapped it on the dash in a hurry to get going, then had it slide right off into the passenger door the second you turn out of your road? The SofShell case for iPad 2 can prevent that, because this amazing case will cling to almost anything — including a Porsche doing 60 miles per hour.

Not only will it cling to even the most slippery surfaces, the SofShell also claims to reduce shock to your device by up to 43%. That means that even when it does lose its grip and ends up in the gravel, it should be well protected. It’s made from a proprietary elastomer that outperforms silicone, neoprene, rubber, and plastic cases to provide the ultimate anti-slip protection.

If you’re not yet impressed, check out the video below that shows the SofShell clinging onto the trunk of a Porsche:

How about a sheet of glass stood at a 90° angle?

As you can see in the clip above, the SofShell also comes in a Smart Cover-friendly model that allows you to use a Smart Cover simultaneously, protecting the front of your device as well as the back. Furthermore, despite its shock resistance, the SofShell is still only 2mm thick, which means it isn’t going to add a great deal of bulk to your iPad at all.

The SofShell is available now for both the first- and second-generation iPad — with or without Smart Cover compatibility — for $49.50.

  • DaveDann

    What about simillar case for iphones?
    iPhone 5

  • douglaskarr

    I have a chip in my driver’s side window from my iPad sliding off the dash. Wish I had known about the Sofshell before. We’re helping the company and absolutely love the covers we received. Should be mentioned that they are made in the USA, too! Thanks for the great review!

  • dale2000

    While this is pretty impressive, I think it’s important to note a few quick things:

    1- He presses the iPad in its case down against the surface of the Porsche.  Real life? You probably wouldn’t.

    2- Speed alone wouldn’t change the iPads ability to hold on nearly as much as acceleration would.  That said, again, Real Life?  You don’t hit 0-60 in 4.3 seconds on your way home from work.

    3- Hard to tell from the video, but I didn’t see any speed bumps or potholes, again, a Real Life test.

    Nice glass demo though.

  • Chris Cleary

    he also places the ipad in a well over the engine, shielding it from any force generated by wind resistance.