iCloud Mail Is Down For Many Users While Apple Works To Restore Service [Breaking]


Uten navn

We’re hearing loads of reports from both readers and Twitter that iCloud Mail & Notes is down. According to Apple’s iCloud System Status page, they are aware the issue is affecting “some” users and are working hard to get service restored, but between the various Siri service outages and now this, it’s clear Apple’s been having issues lately keeping their servers up against strong demand.

Is iCloud down for you? Let us know if you’re having issues in the comments. We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

Thanks, Jørn!

  • Tom Edwards

    Down for me (Midlands UK)

  • Jose

    I don’t know maybe this was normal but my iCloud mail wasn’t working on black friday like at 2 am but I don’t know I guess that was a busy day for mail clients, not really sure. And I haven’t checked lately

  • Finlay MacArthur

    Down for me as well (UK).

  • FriarNurgle

    Working for me. 

  • Julian McBrowne

    Down for me. Brattleboro VT

  • Tom Sutter

    down for me–has been for about an hour (it’s 1:44 CST) Chicago, IL

  • PixelMii

    I’m down. . . Atlanta, GA

  • Nathan Alf

    hmm. This is the second time you guys have reported it being down, and this is the second time I have checked and everything seems to be fine for me. Maybe I am just really lucky?


    *Milwaukee, Wisconsin here!

  • Greg Welch

    I’m down. I’m really down. 

  • Karen Richardson

    Thanks for posting.  I can stop plugging my router in and out.  (Los Angeles)

  • nmz502

    This is why I use gmail :P.

  • tpf1952

    Been about for about the last 15 minutes. Bummer how quickly I miss it. Still, way better than Mobile Me.

  • SAddyman

    Siri wasn’t working reliably since Thursday and now iCloud is not working today.

  • Michael Dean

    down for sure…

  • Alejandro Brozon

    Not working in Mexico

  • Eric Taub

    Down for me; 2nd time this has occurred in the past several weeks.

  • Eric Taub

    Down for me; 2nd time this has occurred in the past several weeks.

  • Brian O’Brien

    iCloud definitely trending towards a higher frequency of outages for me. On my machie about 8 to 14 hrs a day and this is happening much more often.

  • David Harp

    iCloud is down for me now, and has been numerous times since I switched over my mobileme account a couple of weeks ago. VERY unimpressive so far. This would suck if the service was free. But to pay for a service that routinely goes down? Lame.

  • Lynne Boschee

    Down. This is the latest in a series our 4 or 5 outages since I switched in late October. Oh, and did I mention that iCloud ate my calendar and it took Apple 3 weeks to restore it? Can we go back to MobileMe? “No,” says Apple. Not good for business. Looking for a new service and open to suggestions. 

  • Jamie Sokolowski

    Service is still down in Kalamazoo, MI

  • muthuka

    Looks like it’s down for me too. Newton, MA

  • Larry Granozio

    down in princeton nj

  • davidmurrow

    down in Anchorage, AK

  • Jay Scott Newman

    Down in Greenville, SC. This is about the tenth outage for me since ImmobileMe became iCloud.

    Apple also mangled my address book during the transition to iCloud, and multiple attempts with a product specialist have so far failed to resolve the problem.

    After the MobileMe fiasco, I had hoped that iCloud would be rock steady before they inflicted it upon us. Wrong again. Very disappointing. How is possible that a company which does so many things better than anyone else in the game can’t get this right?

  • Nigel Stewart

    Been down in Santa Monica, CA since 11:07 am

  • twifollower

    imap stuff down here (mail, cal…). fotostream etc. working.
    it did not help apple to rename mobileme to icloud
    will rename me.com to gmail.com
    gruss from germany

  • Jamie Sokolowski

    Back up in Kalamazoo, MI

  • Nigel Stewart

    Back up in Santa Monica, CA.

  • Brynley McDonald

    I’m in NZ, and it’s fine for me as far as I know.

  • Scott Wells

    It’s down for me (been that way for a few hours). 2:52pm central time (Texas). 

  • prof_peabody

    it’s down for me.  

    it’s down quite a lot in my area actually.  the web client is also very slow and unreliable when the service is running.  it seems like a real bare bones operation at this point. hopefully it will improve. 

    the reported “downtime” always looks better than it really is too.  the site can honestly report that only a fraction of one percent of users are experiencing “some problems,” even though this may in reality, translate into tens of thousands of users with no email access for hours at a time.

  • GregsTechBlog

    No issues here, working on my Mac and iPhone. Looks like only some users are affected. 

  • John Branham

    Siri’s been down for more the 24 hours for me, Tacoma WA

  • R.W. Elti

    Still down for me in Seattle as of 7:50AM Tuesday.

  • Coleen Brennan DeGroff

    YES, iCloud is down for me as well. NOT a happy camper over here!!

  • yogimac

    Yes down in Southern Alabama. Since last night. So lame. Screwing up my work flow big time.

  • Ann Wolfl

    Down again today 11/29 in northeastern Ohio.
    Worked okay early a.m. (as yesterday) but same problems today.  
    No access to mail on iMac — mail & notes in Preferences un-checks itself … 

  • Michael Daedalus Kenny

    Down in Southern California.  Apple claims everything’s working, though.

  • Michael Daedalus Kenny

    Now it’s chugging, trying to deliver everything since 10 am.  Having a hell of a time with 8 messages on my phone and my desktop.

  • Michael Daedalus Kenny

    Nothing made it through.  Back to no service.  Just enough to see that I have work emails waiting for me.  Infuriating.  “All services are online”, I’m told.

  • Kate Thompson

    No access to Mail via the Cloud, Mac or devices for over 30 hours here and getting desperate! It’s insane!!! I can log in to the Cloud account no problem but no access to mail.

  • Kate Thompson

    I discovered the bt yahoo (uk) servers are now IMAP so I’m probably switching. FAR more reliable!

  • Scott Priddy

    Same for me too. Not been able to check email for nearly 12 hours. Can access other iCloud service though.

  • Kate Thompson

    Anyone got an update? Been 36 hours here and still not back despite the status update saying “all services online”. No they are NOT!!!!!

  • Willy Kaemena

    Since about  7 hours   mail is down on all devices  and  webmail too

  • Kate Thompson

    Still nothing… 3 DAYS solid!

  • David Barwin

    Down in Denver for the past 12 hours on all devices …….. ;-(  

  • Lisa London

    I haven’t received any emails since 8:30 last night. I keep getting messages telling me I’m out of storage but I cannot delete any emails to make room for new ones bc the server is down. When I tried to join an Apple discussion board about this Safari told me it couldn’t “load the page” and I should report bugs to Apple. So Apple isn’t even allowing us to discuss this???