This Poor, Love-Struck Chinese Student Built His Girlfriend Her Very Own “iPad”


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Look, we hate crappy iPad knock-offs as much as any red-blooded Apple fan, but we’re going to make an exception in this case. Why? Sure, the knock-off tablet looks gaudy, but the Chinese student who built it didn’t make it to cash in on Apple’s brand: he made it for his girlfriend out of love.

According to China Daily, Chinese college senior Wei Xinlong wanted to give his girlfriend Sun Shasha an iPad 2. The only problem? Wei couldn’t afford one. All he had was $125.

That’s when Wei got clever. He took an old laptop he had lying around and purchased a touchscreen and new battery for it online. Then, studying YouTube videos on building your own tablet, Wei spent ten days transforming the odds and ends into an iPad-alike, complete with Apple-themed wallpaper and a cute rhinestone fringe.

Okay, it’s nothing like a real iPad, we know. But if there’s any truth in the gift-giving adage that it’s the thought that counts, the thought here is just ineffably sweet… and it sure beats the alternative of tossing aside his college education and getting a job at Foxconn to make his girlfriend a real iPad himself.

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  • Paulakero

    why does he need to ‘toss’ his education to work in Foxconn?
    they probably have hundreds if not thousands of college graduates: engineers, electricians, MBAs etc. (Foxconn is the size of a small city). China graduates more PhDs in hard sciences than anyone, where do you think they work?

    It’s time we in the west fully grok that organizations like Foxconn are highly sophisticated enterprises and not some slave camp from ‘Ten Commandments’. One western tech businessman said they could build practically ANYTHING and very fast and that means they have tons of highly trained engineers, tech staff etc.  Like them or not underestimating or misunderstanding them (like how the west underestimated the Japanese in the 60s) is foolish. 

    I know the statement was only a small insignificant part of the article – and I’m sorry for the rant, I like most of the article – but it rankles me that the western media in general (often off handedly) pooh-poohs companies like Foxconnn as if they are coolie slave camps . I suspect the desire in the west to picture the Chinese as dominating in manufacturing ONLY because of CHEAP LABOUR (look at the paucity of ‘positive’ articles on foxconn for example focusing on tech prowess vs negative ones like ‘sucides, labor disputes’ etc ) might be subconscious fear that they might also be winning due to superior tech and education. The west needs to understand reality to compete: ramp up education and training. Over in North america the truth is tech companies starting up manufacturing have endless problems getting trained staff. 

    The west needs to see things clearly, The U.S and Europe is floundering around in financial crisis and yet nobody wants to face realities. I worked and lived in Asia, Asian parents want the kids to score all As, western parents are satisfied with some Cs so as not to ‘stress’ them. Wake up or we are screwed.