Reclaim Valuable Drive Space On Your Mac [Video How-To]




With the dawn of solid state storage becoming a viable option for computers, many users are presented with the problem of managing disk space, as SSDs are typically much smaller than traditional spinning hard drives. In this video, I’ll show you how to effectively free up disk space on your Mac.

How To Reveal Your Library Folder

Monolingual Can Be Found Here.

  • csman

    Nice tips. I regained 1.4Gb with Monolingual.

    Instead of looking for specific folders, we can also use Disk Inventory X (, which is the Mac version of WinDirStat for Windows. You can visualize better the big chunks of cached and other files that you might want to move to an external drive or delete from your system.

  • Guest

    is that reds0w i see?:) 2:26

  • Georgi Mladenov

    OMG, all your videos are so long and can be shown in 30 sec. what a waste of time! I appreciate the effort but this is honestly boring to watch!

  • Al

    It is truly astonishing how much faster a Mac can be with a SSD. Photoshop loads up almost like it’s TextEdit.

    Paying extra for the latest Intel i5 or i6 or iWhatever is a waste of money in comparison. Our Macs had enough RAM and CPU long ago. The bottleneck is now, and has been for a while, the hard-drive.

  • snowgroomer

    It is your comment that is the waste of time, perhaps you would do us the pleasure of reading elsewhere.

  • djrobsd

    Well that was 6 minutes of my life I won’t get back.  On the other hand, I guess not everyone has spent the $30 bucks for CleanMyMac.  CleanMyMac will clean up almost everything he showed in the video with a few mouse clicks.    

  • Patrick Barnes

    yeah.. or run onyx for 1 click….  I usually free up 1-4 GB of space a month by running onyx.

  • Rebecca Keck

    I found this information very useful.  I dont know a lot about how computers work so I got heaps of tips that I would have otherwise never known.  Thanks!