Who Says Siri Can’t Handle Accents? It Tackles Indian Accents Just Fine [Video]



Since its release on the iPhone 4S last month, Siri has received some criticism for not coping well with a number of strong accents. But while the high price of the fifth-generation device may be seen as a major downfall to Indian users, they will be pleased to know that Siri will work just fine with their accent.

The iPhone 4S launched in six major cities in India this week, but its success over there has been disrupted by the device’s painfully steep price tag. Those who have adopted the device, however, will be surprised to find that Siri handles the Indian accent incredibly well, even though it is currently unsupported.

As you can see in the video above, Apple’s new intelligent assistant — when set to English “(United States)” — is able to perform almost all of the requests thrown at it, including checking the weather in number of cities, setting reminders, performing internet searches, and more.

However, The Next Web does point out one caveat:

There is a caveat, however. The video is shot by a person from norther India, whose accent is only one of the dozens that characterise people from different parts of the country. The south Indian accent, which is more recognisable as the Indian accent in many parts of the world, is noticeably different and much thicker than what you hear in the video, so there’s a good chance Siri may not work as well for you if you hail from Tamil Nadu.

Despite this, Siri still does better with the northern Indian accent than it does with a Scottish accent, where the service is supposedly supported. And considering this is still the first beta release, that’s rather impressive.

If you’ve tried Siri out with a south Indian accent, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments.