Old Meets New – Apple iPod Silhouette as Picasso Style Artwork


Image: Blake Patterson
I’ve always loved the Picasso style artwork created for the launch of the original Macintosh. Apparently so do many others. RetroMacCast listener Blake Patterson recently created this version of the iconic Apple iPod (clickwheel version), with an earbud and an Apple, done in this same style of minimalist line art.

Nice job Blake – a classic icon, in a classic iconic style. Sweet!

[via RetroMacCast]

  • Guest

    It is very retro, but not very good. Something about the line shapes and the colors chosen screams “1980s/1990s” to me. This is only my opinion, of course, but I do not like it. 

  • Bill

    looks more like Klee to me (no rhyme intended)

  • MarkJ

    screams “1980s/1990s” to me
    Think that was the idea… 1984 to be exact!

  • henrymaxm

    Reminds me of MacRumors.com

  • ZomZom

    I like it but I’d consider myself enlightened if you can point to any Picassos in this style.

  • Adam Rosen

    The term “Picasso style” artwork has long been associated with the old line art drawings for the Apple Macintosh.  For one example see Picasso’s Dove of Peace:


  • Guest

    I cannot, nor would I ever intend, to know the exact intent of the creator. However, I feel that this style conflicts deeply with the iPod line as a whole. iPods should not be placed in the 1980s, just as the original Mac marketing should not be used for modern marketing. iPods, to me, are all about clean lines and minimalism. The above image is definitely not clean. While one could argue that the lines in the image above are “clean”, I do not feel that line of thinking can be supported. The varying thickness of the lines, in addition to the lines inability to remain smooth destroy this idea. When you look closely, you can see where the points on the line path must be located, and to me makes the whole image feel messy. One could argue that “paint” is messy, but except for a few rounds of the nano, the iPod never really did much with paint (and that was only for color). In addition, paint is smooth, with a natural roundness. The anchor points above feel jerky and a little sharp. Besides, this is an image of a “classic” iPod, not a nano. The image feels very incomplete to me, almost like a first draft, and I do not care for it as shown. However, the idea has merit, and done differently, might turn out well.