Steve Jobs Would Probably Have Hated This E-Book Republishing His Mails To Customers



Over the years, Steve wrote hundreds of mostly terse, often funny, irritable or persnickety emails to Apple customers who wrote him at Now a whole book of them is being published.

The book is called Letters to Steve: Inside The E-Mail Inbox of Apple’s Steve Jobs and it is exclusively available as a Kindle e-book. It costs $2.99.

Here’s the official description:

This book is based on interviews with many of the customers and fans Jobs communicated with. These tales reveal the intricacies of how Jobs portrayed himself as likable and accessible through direct interaction with fans. He handled customer-service inquiries himself and carefully revealed hints about upcoming Apple products, guaranteeing headlines on blogs. However, some of these letters, when analyzed, provide a glimpse into his “reality distortion field,” in which he lobs insults, bends the truth and uses misdirection in order to manipulate anyone on the receiving end.

The initial Amazon reviews aren’t exactly positive, and I’m not entirely sure about this concept myself. Steve’s emails were often as short as a sentence, maybe even a few words. I’m not sure how much insight into the “reality distortion field” a book like this could even provide. Then there’s the whole question of what Steve would have thought of it, and the answer there is he thought people republishing his emails was rude. This wouldn’t exactly have gotten his stamp of approval.

  • Roger Chucker

    he’s dead… who gives a crap what he would approve or not…

  • Guest

    I’m always saying that about Jesus and the Founding Fathers.

  • imajoebob

    Steve would have his lawyers demanding to see the original, dated, signed release from every recipient, and then sue for each omission, individually. 

  • Bpcarroll22

    Ok, Guest, Steve Jobs was not a person who changed the entire world, but Jesus and the Founding Fathers did, so have to disagree with you on that comment. 

  • Jdsonice

    I once wrote to Steve and complained about the apple servers being slow when I was downloading an iOS update. His reply almost a minute later had just one word Patience.

    Still have and cherish it :-)

  • Jdsonice

    Really? Are you sure? Could it be a reality distortion or is Steve really gone? Who knows. :-)

    I bet his spirit or ghost is still haunting the halls of Apple. 

  • Jeffojizzo

    We can prove the existence of the founding fathers more so than Jesus.

  • iDaBoss

    well, Jesus was a demigod and the founding fathers were actually androids, so…

  • Jai6476

    If you look at history there is never any question that Jesus existed. Historians don’t question that part. It’s his deity that everyone questions. Just saying.

  • Deacontodd

    Most people are idiots. The rest are merely stupid. You guys prove it.

  • ericschultheiss

    I emailed Steve on three separate occasions, not once did he reply.  Those that did get a reply are lucky!

  • Jbc

    Well if there is no question about his existence where are te remains orhis toomb? Oh thats right he whent back to heaven after he died and resurested! Well thats convinient is it!

  • imajoebob

    Really?  There are about a billion of people typing on a keyboard, swiping a touch screen, or wearing little white earbuds that might take issue with that.

  • cecilia wacholder

    No, his consciousness is stored in the NC Data Center ;o)

  • Justin Jenkins

    Lol. Where are anyone else’s remains from 2000 years ago?? It’s called decomposition. Jesus was a schizophrenic who thought he was the son of god. Just like the schizos I deal with at the mental health institute I work at. The only difference is people are smarter now and know schizos aren’t really the son of god when they say they are….