NVIDIA To Replace AMD As Graphics Chip Supplier For 2012 MacBook Pro [Rumor]



After Apple finally converted its entire Mac lineup to AMD, SemiAccurate is reporting that Apple is switching back to NVIDIA as the graphics chip supplier for the upcoming MacBook Pro model in 2012.

While the report doesn’t specifically say why Apple is planning its move back to NVIDIA, it looks as though the rumored MacBook Pro refresh for 2012 will include NVIDIA graphics and possibly the Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

Yes, you read that right, Nvidia has won the next round of Macs, likely starting with the Ivy Bridge models next spring. About three years after the decision to boot Nvidia out of the company was made, and two years after the first ATI/AMD Macs in recent memory hit the shelves, you will see Nvidia macs reappearing. I guess ‘never’ at Apple means single digit years.

SemiAccurate also explains the state of GPUs in laptops:

Of late, GPU attach rates are not dropping much overall, but there is a precipitous drop in the GPU attach rate for the smaller and thinner notebooks. To add pain to the numbers, each new CPU that comes out with integrated graphics cuts out more and more potential market share out of the low end GPUs. The upcoming AMD GPU line no longer has a low end ASIC, with Llano you get a mid-range GPU for free, and Ivy Bridge will raise Intel’s GPU performance to roughly twice that of Sandy Bridge. GPUs in laptops have their days numbered.

While it’s unclear as to if the next-generation MacBook will be labeled as a “Pro” or an “Air,” the 15-inch device is expected to have significantly improved internals, regardless of who’s making the silicon.

(via MacRumors)

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  • Jabjabs Lefonte

    To be fair they have been switching between suppliers for years. It looks like Apple just goes for what suits them best for that cycle. I mean my original Mini had Ati/AMD but now it’s running Nvidia and there have been a few swaps over the years on this system alone.