Gnash Gnash! The Beano’s On The App Store With Five Free Issues [Review]



Iconic Brit kids comic The Beano has made its debut on the iOS App Store, with a hidden treat inside for kids: five free issues for the grabbing.

So if you’re a fan of Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids, you’ll be able to relive all your childhood reading-comics-under-the-sheets memories inside the comfort of your iPad.

The five free issues is a generous extra. Too many Newsstand publications offer very little, if anything at all, in the way of try-it-and-see content for people who may be considering a subscription. Five full issues is an excellent taster, though.

A nice Newsstand touch I spotted here that I’ve not seen elsewhere: during download, you’re given the choice of downloading storage-hungry video files or streaming them later on.

[xrr rating=90%]

  • vanmacguy

    Ahh how I loved the Beano as an English child. I’ll have this one, if just for the five free issues.

  • FenTiger

    Now I’d pay for an archive of classic 70’s issues…

  • Karl

    My grandmother used to send me Bezzer Books from Scotland when I was a child. These look to be very similar. Might have to check it out for my children.

  • gareth edwards

    Ahhh, just moved house in the last few weeks and I unearthed my childhood collection of Beano’s. 2 large and rather too heavy boxes of childhood memories. Bash Street Kids anyone?