Select A Fun Or Stuffy Font In The Notes App [iOS Tips]



I’ve heard people complaining about the fonts in the iOS default Notes app for longer than I can remember. Most of the time people thought the default font was pretty cartoony and they wanted something a bit more professional.

I think Apple has finally offered up a solution for the font dilemma. The default font is no less cartoony or fun, but they now offer one font for business people and another I’ll let you categorize. Pick your favorite — fun or stuffy. You decide.

If you aren’t satisfied with the default font in the Notes app, you can launch the Settings app and then tap Notes. You will see a screen like this:

You can select one of the three available fonts: Noteworthy, Helvetica, or Marker Felt. Just tap the one you want and the font will change in the Notes app for all existing notes and any new ones you create. Helvetica is a traditional font that will appeal to just about anyone, and it should definitely please the overly professional people in our lives. Noteworthy is more festive and fun, but Marker Felt is somewhere in between and rather tiny and hard to read if you require reading glasses.

Bonus: The last option at the bottom of the Notes setting screen allows you to select the Default Account to use for your notes. I recommend keeping them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or in iCloud. This should make syncing across devices a breeze.

  • guest

    “I think Apple has finally offered up a solution for the font dilemma.”

    This isn’t a new feature… it’s been that way for a while.

  • SarahBeker986

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  • nthnm

    Are there iPhone users out there that don’t know these things? The majority of the people that don’t know these sorts of things probably aren’t frequenting technology blogs.

  • just a guest

    This was “new” in iOS 4…

  • Mike91

    Cult of Mac, do you know the type of people reading this site? It’s the people that know this tip.

  • Glenn Broadway

    Slow news day.