Sprint Boasts About ‘Truly Unlimited’ Data In New iPhone 4S Ad [Video]


  • Nathan Schroeder

    really well done video.

  • Punkxinxdrublic

    Sprint and iPhone, match made in heaven!

  • Robby Landon

    Does anyone know what the app featured at the end of the commercial is, the one with the duck/goose icon?

  • CharliK

    for many if not most users at this point unlimited data is really just a marketing hype. The reason why ATT etc put their cap at 2GB is because that’s what most folks use. So what is needed isn’t unlimited or even higher caps but rather better pricing. 200MB a month should be more like $5 a  month with $15 for 1 GB. Perhaps do a 3GB or even a 5GB that doesn’t require adding personal hotspot. Make that hotspot feature just in the package for anything 2GB and higher. Then they could add business/prosumer level plans that are like 10-20GB a month for the really big users. Perhaps even connect the hotspot to that tier of plans only (certainly the data amounts make more sense for hotspot use). The lessening of negative PR would be more than worth the cash they will lose on the lower plans

    Same with the iPad, which by design encourages high data use. Having choices of 250MB or 2GB is just not feasible. For that matter being limited to one carrier or even carrier type isn’t really feasible on the iPad. It’s already no contract, how about GSM and a switchable CDMA in one unit. I would say that that for many is the must have feature for the iPad 3, not the Retina Display level DPI

  • The_original_Jimmyboy

    Unfortunately, Sprint placed last in data speed with the iPhone 4s in this study http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab