Sprint Boasts About 'Truly Unlimited' Data In New iPhone 4S Ad [Video] | Cult of Mac

Sprint Boasts About ‘Truly Unlimited’ Data In New iPhone 4S Ad [Video]



Sprint’s debut iPhone 4S commercial (unsurprisingly) boasts about the biggest reason for choosing Sprint over its rivals, and that’s “truly unlimited” data. It also praises Apple’s App Store, which is home to half a million apps, by floating popular app icons around New York City.

It concludes: “You might say there’s no limit to what this amazing device can do. So the question to ask is, why would anyone want to limit the iPhone? We don’t. Truly unlimited data for your iPhone. Only from Sprint.”

If, however, you’d prefer more reliable calls or faster data over unlimited data, you might be better off with AT&T or Verizon.

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