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Give Your Ears A Pre-Breakfast Brian Blessed Blast [Review]



Today’s – probably this week’s – Best Thing Ever is the amazing, ear-exploding wonder that is Brian Blessed Alarm Clock.

For those of you whose lives have been left a miserable husk of despair and disillusionment due to the lack of Brian Blessed-based alarm clock apps on the iOS store, this is a dream come true. Nay, ’tis the answer to all those long nights of prayer.

For the rest of you: WAKEY WAKEY.

The app comes with 30 Brianisms to blast your brain first thing in the morning. As an added bonus, ten per cent of the money made by this app will be donated to a UK-based charity working with wounded service men and women, Walking with the Wounded.

And if you have no idea who Brian Blessed is, suffice to say that he is an English actor with an incredible voice and an incredible beard, and something of a national treasure here in the UK. He’s the guy who says “Gordon’s alive!” in Queen’s hit single Flash). Yeah.

This is the best alarm clock in the history of humanity. It also has the best catchphrase: “Buy, my Hawkmen, buy!”