Philips Can Measure Your Breathing & Heart Rate Using Only Your iPad’s Camera


  • prof_peabody

    “… from … the color (sic) of your face”

    so does it work if you are wearing makeup, or are a non-white person?  I don’t see how it could. 

  • Macbobt

    Autocomplete seems to have replaced “breathing” rate with “breaking” rate – first sentence!

  • Doctor Felipe

    If this (cr)app would actually do what they say it does, i.e. accurately measuring your heart rate and breathing rate, why don’t doctors and hospitals use it in daily practice? I’ll tell you why: because it’s belony! I can hardly believe that this joke actually comes from Philips, but nonetheless it may prove to be a good advertising campaign.

  • Jaime Cruz

    LOL.. sad but true

  • A Name

    Actually, that should be “color change”, which is caused by your blood pulsation. And it does not matter what is the color of your skin – blood has the same color and it pulsates in the same way.

  • Steve

    This is not a joke. I’ve tested it in comparison with a contact sensor. Works very well if you follow the instructions.

  • Notavailableincanada

    i would buy it but not available in canada store.

  • Yan Cheng

    I just came across a free version in Android market. But it only can measure heart rate.… 

  • Yan Cheng

    I came across a free version in Android market. But it only measure heart rate.