¡Híjole! Apple TV Software Gets Updated To Support Mexican Netflix And Fix Audio Bugs



It’s a tiny, tiny squidge of an update, but an update nonetheless: Apple has just released version 4.4.3 for the Apple TV, adding support for Netflix in Mexico and resolving an audio issue where sound might not play through the optical port when the attached TV is turned off.

As usual, to grab the update, just hit up Settings > General. Enjoy all those great streaming episodes of Abrázame Muy Fuerte!.

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25 responses to “¡Híjole! Apple TV Software Gets Updated To Support Mexican Netflix And Fix Audio Bugs”

  1. Señor Taco says:

    Hahaha abrazame muy fuerte no manches hajajaja y si es un buen update por que las movies en español aveces estan mejor que en ingles peRo lo malo que netflix tiene un contenido bien basura :/

  2. Fearless_fred says:

    How about updating the aTV to allow users outside North America? There’s very little need for MLB or Hockey to be on there for folks like me in Europe. How about localising the firmware a little, so that folks in the UK can access iPlay, ITV Catchup, etc? There’s far more Apple customers *outside* USA/Canada/Mexico than there are in those countries….

  3. Héctor Ferniza says:

    LOL! Such a Soap opera lover!! Netflix content in Mexico really sucks!!!

  4. RudyGr says:

    Actually, my sources say the update is more related to iTunes Match.

  5. Excursioner says:

    Is not Mexican content what Netflix updated. The news is that Apple TV now works with Netflix in Mexico, where many USA and Mexican accounts where waiting for this fix.

  6. Melissa65768 says:

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  7. Héctor Ferniza says:

    I know. My point is that Netflix content available for Mexico isn’t good enough ;)

  8. GH says:

    I like tacos.

  9. EpiRen says:

    Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

  10. prof_peabody says:

    watch your language. 

  11. Ricardo says:

    Not only Mexico also support for Netflix in Brazil!

  12. guiyeja says:

    Hillarious! xD 

  13. henrymaxm says:

    Lmao wow “Abrázame Muy Fuerte!”

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