Apple Pulls Its Own Texas Hold’em Game From The App Store



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9 responses to “Apple Pulls Its Own Texas Hold’em Game From The App Store”

  1. Tylor9865 says:

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  2. Robert Daniels says:

    They could have gotten more mileage  out of this game if they thought outside the box. This is my take on it and Apple can send me an I- Pad 3 when it comes out. Ok 3 Ipad 3’s and a NEW iMac 27″ with Thunderbolt. Here’s the idea…Wait for it….’ How about intergrating SIRI as one of the players on the new app. You can converse and talk smack when playing’.
    Ok there is my idea . Now pay me Apple. I’ll take $25000.00 in shares too. Okay! I’m serious. MaKE IT HAPPEN!

  3. CharliK says:

    Hopefully they will follow this up by making all the other apps that haven’t been updated since they were released 3-4 years ago either update or get out. 

  4. prof_peabody says:

    That’s a shame.  This game is far better than any of EA’s crappy stuff.  

  5. Togovero says:

    Nooo, I love that game… so probably, it will never be updated anymore…

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