aTV Flash Is Now Out Of Beta And Ready To Supercharge Your Jailbroken Apple TV


aTV Flash (black) from FireCore has now dropped its beta tag and hit version 1.0. The software package is designed to supercharge your second-generation jailbroken Apple TV, introducing a whole host of functionality that isn’t available from Apple. In addition to a media player which supports a huge variety of formats, aTV Flash will also introduce a web browser, weather and RSS feeds, a radio, and more to your set-top box.

FireCore announced the software’s availability in a post on its blog:

We are pleased to announce the release aTV Flash (black) 1.0 for the 2nd generation AppleTV. aTV Flash (black) supercharges your AppleTV, empowering it to do things you never thought possible! All new features are installed alongside the normal AppleTV features, so things like movie rentals, Netflix, and AirPlay will remain unchanged.

Featured in aTV Flash (black) are tons of exciting new features, including an all-new Media Player, WebKit based browser, radio, Weather, RSS feeds and more! Full details and screenshots can be found below, so keep reading.

aTV Flash (black) is just $29.95, and its certainly worth its price tag. Here’s a breakdown of some of its features:

• Expanded media support with all the extras

The new Media Player included in aTV Flash (black) empowers you to go beyond iTunes and play most popular media formats. This includes formats such as: AVI, FLAC, ISO, M2TS, MKV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPG, VOB, WMV and many others.

Form and function remain in perfect balance, and you can enjoy all your media through natively styled menus that include simple access to extras such as AC3/DTS sound, subtitles, DVD menus, playlists, and many others.

• Automatic metadata and cover art

Cover art and metadata are downloaded automatically and added to your files with an end result of amazing! If you’ve already taken the time to add your own metadata you can you can use that too.

• Native web browser

Surf the web with a native web browser that provides a rich web experience on the AppleTV. Included is support for things like HTML5 music and video streaming as well as easy to use bookmarks and history. Navigating the web is easily done with the included AppleTV remote or the free Remote app for the iPhone and iPad.

• More than just music

Go beyond just listening to music and start truly experiencing it by utilizing the full power of While streaming radio (or playing your own music) you’ll have access to artist bios, and a seemingly endless amount of artist photos.

• Weather and RSS feeds

Get quick access to weather and RSS news feeds. Your current weather location will be detected automatically, and other locations can be easily added as well.

You can download version 1.0 of aTV Flash (black) from FireCore’s website now, but before you do, it’s worth noting that you will need a jailbroken Apple TV to install it.

[via TiPB]

  • harmo tend

    $30 for software that must be relying on a bug to install seems steep to me. Web browser would be nice though.

  • Jason Wix

    A bug?  It’s called a workaround.  Also, do you have any idea how much development time has been put into this effort?  $30 is a small price to pay for so many extra features.

  • Jordan Clay

    I really don’t see that much more functionality.   I thought about jail breaking my  aTV, but there wasn’t that much added functionality since  I encode all my videos to the MP4 format and they show up nicely in my iTunes.  

    I think the only thing I need on my Atv Now is Hulu and I’ll be set.

  • Keith

    But xbmc is free…

  • Eddy Lopez

    I had this on my Apple TV and only used to play other media and occasionally check out the web but since Boxee created a workaround by utilizing you iPad to stream media from my Macbook to my Apple TV I haven’t used it hardly at all. Now I haven’t tried the new “final” version but the Beta version was always always tripping up, worked about 85% of the time but that 15% was a headache to have to deal with. I have recommended the aTV Flash to other friends who don’t have an iPad because it is convenient.

  • Aj Tk427

    Exactly, XBMC is free, does this minus the web browser (I have a laptop and iPad/iPhone to do that) has a huge support community, as well as support for other add-ons ;)

    While I accept the fact that there is a cost to develop, XBMC does it for me.

  • djrobsd

    Doesn’t seem worth it to me.  I’m pretty happy with XBMC.  Now if they could just come out with an untethered jailbreak for the latest AppleTV software, it would be nice to get my iTunes Match.

  • harmo tend

    Workaround? Don’t be silly, they exploit a code bug to root the system, just like the iPods, Phones, iPad etc. Call it whatever you want, but it is still a hackjob. Ask the people who paid for MyWi and need an update for it.