Camera+ Lets You Take Pictures With The iPhone’s Volume Button Again



We all remember the infamous Camera+ fiasco. The popular photography app was updated with the ability to let users take pictures with the iPhone’s physical volume button, but Apple hadn’t approved that kind of hardware integration in the App Store at that time.

Mimicking the iPhone’s virtual shutter button, Camera+ let users type a URL scheme into Mobile Safari that enabled the hidden feature. Apple didn’t like Camera+ after the hack was made available, and the app was promptly pulled from the App Store last year.

After receiving Apple’s message loud and clear, Camera+ 2.0 was re-submitted to the App Store and made available with a host of new features. After the release of iOS 5 and the ability to natively take pictures with the iPhone’s volume button, Camera+ has re-added the feature to its app, too.

In version 2.4, VolumeSnap is brought back to Camera+ in all of its glory. You can snap a picture with the iPhone’s volume button or use the regular shutter button in iOS 5.

From the release notes:

VolumeSnap is back, beyotches!!

Camera+ is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

  • aga

    And yet CameraGenius released an update 2 days ago because Apple made them remove this feature from the app. Go figure!

  • ZeeKazim

    I liked the release notes so much I took a snapshot of it!
    Hilarious! XD

  • Nutz320

    No, any camera app that uses the native camera API will inherit this feature. That’s what I saw another commenter say on a different site. Maybe Camera Genius uses a non-native API to achieve this.

  • rwitt

    Whenever I use the volume button as a shutter button my pictures always take upside down after I move them off the iPhone. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldnt the phone know which way it is oriented when the picture is taken?