Amazon Drops Price Of ‘2010’ Apple TV; Is A 2011 Upgrade Coming For Black Friday?



Great spot by Apple TV by $10 to just $89.99; they’ve also rechristened it the ‘2010’ model.

Could Amazon know something the rest of us poor suckers don’t? Is an updated 2011 Apple TV incoming in time for Black Friday? If so, don’t expect much besides a bump to an A5 chip: if Apple were to, say, bring Siri to the Apple TV, they’d definitely make a big fuss over it in an event.

  • cassandralite

    What they may know is that consumers in nearly 2012 don’t want to buy something from two years ago.  So it could be a clever way to redirect buyers to something with a bigger profit margin…like Roku or one of the Internet enabled TVs from Vizio/Toshiba/etc.

  • Miguel Ângelo Costa

    There is one reason why i think this may be true. 
    Apple didn’t release the Apple TV in a lot of countries where movie rentals were recently made available (like Portugal). 
    So they may be waiting to release a new, upgraded model. 

  • Michael Patterson

    I believe I saw this same price at Best Buy last night too.

  • mets1087

    horrible assumption . its black friday, apple has lowered the price of various products in the past to attract more customers to their retail stores. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that an apple tv update is imminate 

  • MacHead84

    I dont see any new aTV2s coming out until next fall at best.

  • Guest

    no it doesn’t… It runs on Ipad 1’s chip…. Not on iPad’s 2….  Actually it’s been waiting for the iPad2 chip in order to reproduce 1080p natively…  So this rumor is 100% possible.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Pretty certain someone reached around with their free hand in their behinds to pull this rumor out.  Why is it so necessary for people to keep making up stories about Apple and what they’re going to do.  AppleTV hardware is the least of Apple’s worries.  They’d need to convince those greedy content providers to ease up and allow their content to be put on a computer for a decent price.

  • QueKay09

    The Apple television set.  Coming soon?

  • JLe

    There’s a good chance this might be true. I know someone who works for a company that provides content for the Apple TV (and iPhone/iPad) and they made mention that Apple is forcing them to upgrade all of their streams to 1080p. This would jibe with what they told me.

  • poppa1138

    what or when is Black Friday?

  • Sgsorensen

    They are $89 at Best Buy as well.

  • Aj Tk427

    Really hope so, even if it is just a bump to the latest A5 chip, that could mean 1080p support which if I can jailbreak, means 1080p goodness streaming from my NAS

  • bmdonovan

    November 25th, the day after the U.S. Holiday “Thanksgiving.” It typically kicks off the holiday shopping season.

  • Timmi

    Apple store Holliday Gift Guide has Apple TV listed. Update before the holidays, I don’t think so!

  • cassandralite

    Say what?  I’m talking about Amazon cleverly re-directing consumers away from Apple by adding “2010”, which is a millennium ago in tech terms.  Amazon has a nice partnership for its live streaming with Roku, for one, as well as Vizio (and presumably Toshiba).  Like Apple, Amazon wants to keep people inside its ecosystem; hence the Kindle Fire.  It’s true that the price drop undercuts this theory (actually, just a possibility I mused about) a bit, but the drop appears to be across the board…except at Apple itself.

  • Demonstr8r

    BestBuy has the Apple TV listed at $89.99 as well.

  • cassandralite

    Greedy.  Yes, indeedy.  People who’ve worked hard on something to get it to the point where others might like to pay to see/read/listen to it have an absolute obligation to price it at whatever $390AShareIsTrulyExciting!}:-D says it should be…right after
    $390AShareIsTrulyExciting!}:-D opens up your living room so we can take home whatever stuff you have that we like at whatever price we want to pay.  I know, dude, greedy is for other people.  Never you.

  • Tony

    funny. Expect the unexpected with Apple. They let all the rumors do the work for them…

  • s averill

    Ooh, saw this article on twitter and thought it might have some legs. Then I noticed it was a Brownlee article, so…

  • Ninjapants

    Another nail in the coffin of Apple releasing a new ATV by black friday would be that you would start seeing rumors of low inventory of the current ATVs at various retailers.

    Not gonna happen this year, me thinks.