It Takes Two Steves to Make Apple [Logo]


By Laurent Bourrelly
By Laurent Bourrelly

Love this portrait of Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs silhouetted in an old-school Apple logo.  It brings to mind the early days of the Cupertino company and its humble beginnings.

It’s the handiwork of Laurent Bourrelly who was inspired by Jonathan Mak’s iconic black-and-white image of Jobs that spurred a media storm.

“I thought Woz deserved as much props as Jobs,” he said.

Let’s hope this re-imagined logo ignites less controversy.

Via Flickr

  • stevewoz

    I’m smiling but embarrassed…that color logo was cool…give me that one and give Jobs the current logo…ha ha.

  • IamJAd


  • timborama

    Looks like a discarded Apple.  Fail.

  • BenZed

    I gotta say, dude. where is your photoshop skill? blurry edges around wozniak & white pixels around steve? (bad copy paste here). 


  • baby_Twitty

    How’re u doing Woz!

  • GH

    What an awful image. Neat Idea I guess? Why are you posting horrible photoshop images on here?
     Crap like this should be tweeted for losers that are entertained by kitten pictures etc.

  • freedotz

    White pixels are only visible on large screens, looks fine on iPad/iPhone — and the blurry edges around Woz are very accurate, seeing as how he is so fuzzy.  No one is born a photoshop pro, and even if you were, wow, what an accomplishment.

    I don’t see the need to be so hyper-critical about this, apple isn’t about to start printing it on the backs of their phones — it was just an idea, or rather a reminder that while Steve Jobs did a lot for Apple, Steve Jobs wasn’t Apple.  You could just leave it with, “it looks cheesy” or “pretty pointless”

  • LaurentBourrelly

    Pixel Freaks are right.
    Here is a revised version

  • freedotz

    I think the image is pretty silly too, but your lack of tact and harsh insults make you look like the loser.  Apple can’t release a new product every other week, so the idea of having a news site that is all about mac is a bit short-sighted — in the end you are going to see a lot of filler content like this.

    Also, I’m not sure how looking at sites that only talk about Macs, is any more intelligent/cool/better/less-stupid than looking at sites that only post pictures of kittens.  When you really think about it, everything that we do on the internet is pretty stupid.

  • freedotz

    For someone who looked so closely at the details of this image, I’m surprised that you couldn’t tell that this image has been drastically resized.  Maybe if you zoomed your head out of your app-hole you could see the caption below the image, and you would know that the author of the article is not a dude, and that she was not the creator of the image.  It might be cheesy but it looks fine on an iPhone/iPad — and it might seem pointless, but if you check the comments below, it seems to have gotten Woz’s attention.

  • freedotz

    Not sure how looking at a site that only reports news on Apple is any better than looking at sites that only show pictures of kittens.  When you really think about it, everything on the internet is pretty stupid.  Apple can’t re-invent the wheel every other month, much less every day — so sites CoM this will get lots of “filler” content like this.  Either write/publish a better article or stop whining and criticizing people for voicing what’s on their mind.

  • LaurentBourrelly

    Forget my previous comment, I didn’t know a photo could be replaced on Flickr.
    Cleaned up pic is on

  • stevewoz

    busy – trying to inspire and keep up with email and all the new gadgets – lost a ton of sleep lately – switching email programs, switching to Lion, iOS 5 (bricked 2 iPhones), iPhone 4S, activation problems with new phones, battery issues, Steve Jobs’ death, Steve Jobs’ book – some things lead to hundreds of emails extra and it takes all-nighters to keep up. I did get to tell the ‘pope’ of a national religion that Apple could help him go multi-national! Turns out he was a fanboy and he laughs easily (Armenia).

  • LaurentBourrelly
  • Howie Isaacks

    Woz was great, but Apple owes its success to Steve Jobs.  It all had been left up to Woz, Apple wouldn’t exist.

  • Kris Sladek

    For all the naysayers…whatever trips your trigger!  I kinda like it…I love the rainbow logo!  Wish they had stayed with it.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Manish Bhatia

    LOL Only on an apple site would someone’s photo editing skills for an image be so critically analyzed…