Next MacBook Airs Could Have 33% More Battery Life



A new Apple patent that details battery and solid state drive configurations for the company’s MacBook Air suggests that future models will boast battery life that significantly exceeds the 7 hours offered by today’s ultraportable.

Unlike most of Apple’s patents, which surface from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, this one comes from China’s Hong Kong IP Office, via Patently Apple, and is labeled with the reference 1100639.8M001. It describes a new battery configuration for an “electronic device,” and illustrates six enclosed battery components — two more than the four featured in existing MacBooks.

While the MacBook Air isn’t mentioned in the patent, it seems to be the device that Apple uses in its illustrations. Those two additional battery components could translate to 33% more battery for a future MacBook Air, and possibly the MacBook Pro, too.

Also included with the patent is a new solid state drive configuration. Apple’s new SSD design is different to that currently used, but it’s unclear at this point what advantage these changes will introduce.

  • LeCorsaire

    Shouldn’t it be 50% more?

  • Matthew Sprygada

    Maybe this one will actually have 7 hours of battery life…..2011 model does not.

  • Jan Liska

    Should 4 vs. 6 battery compartments net in 50% more capacity?

  • Gery

    The battery compartments aren’t identical in size.

  • Brandon Schneider

    This is not a new design. This is the current battery configuration of the 11″ MacBook Air. The 13″ Air is the MacBook that features 4 battery cells. And the MacBook Pros all have a single battery unit.

  • Franc Cars

    Since LION, most machines have half their originally battery life (unless you run a 3rd party hack program called gfxcardstatus). So, saying we’ll get 30% back again is just a “bug” fix!