Quickly Access Your Reading Lists in Safari 5 [OS X Tips]



Earlier this summer, Apple introduced the new Reading List feature in Safari 5 as part of Mac OS X Lion’s widescale release. This new feature lets you save web pages until you have time to read them later. It is a handy feature that you might find yourself accessing a lot so the tips today will help you do that as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve gotten a collection of web pages saved to your Safari Reading List, you can quickly access them by using two different methods.

The first method is great for people who like to use their mouse or trackpad. Just find the image of eye glasses in the Bookmarks Bar and click it. If you don’t have the Bookmarks bar visible then press Command+Shift+B and you’ll be able to see it.

The second method involves the keyboard for people who like to use it instead of a mouse or trackpad. If you want to see the reading list press Command+Shift+L and it will appear.