Get The Most Out Of The Notification Center’s Weather Widget [iOS Tips]



The Notification Center that ships with iOS 5 is nice. By default, it displays a stock ticker, weather, mail, and calendar entries. It all looks great, but behind the eye candy are some useful secrets. Today, we’ll take a look at the weather widget.

The weather widget displays your current location’s weather information with a graphic representing the weather, the high and low temperatures and the current temperature.

If you swipe either left or right on the current weather you’ll show a hidden seven-day weather forecast.

Swipe again and you’ll return to the current location weather information.

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30 responses to “Get The Most Out Of The Notification Center’s Weather Widget [iOS Tips]”

  1. Adam Kozlowski says:

    OK, can i get Wifi, Bluetooth and Wifi Hotspot switches there too? Thanks Apple.

  2. Dave Chin says:

    Didn’t know this!!!!  This is why I love this site!!!!!

  3. Chuck says:

    Very cool …..

  4. RiotNrrd says:

    I still don’t get why the iPad doesn’t get these data. Anyone? Bueller?

  5. prof_peabody says:

    lame lame lame.  

    these are not “tips” in the typically understood meaning of the term.  

  6. Lauren says:

    Because it doesn’t have a native weather app to pull the data from…

  7. oscarfeliciano says:

    How about getting Weather to display on the still useless lock screen?

  8. CRodBlogs says:

    No but you may wanna look at the app IconProject. It makes accessing settings much easier without jailbreaking.

  9. VotersRights says:

    Telling us to swipe the weather to get the extended forecast is “Getting the most out of Nofification Center?”

  10. Wes says:

    this is a lame excuse for an article.

  11. John Lehmkuhl says:

    Here’s more that David SHOULD have added. CLICK the weather strip in Notifications and it opens the Weather app! Woot!

    Hope we get more 1st grade articles. This site really needs content of this high quality  ; /

  12. ray says:


  13. dale2000 says:

    David Martin, here’s a good notification article idea… what are the best non-Apple created notification-bar-enabled apps?  Weather app alternatives?  IconProject-style shortcuts available from the notification bar?

    Who’s working on these types of projects? Let’s interview them and see what they’ve schemed up and have coming down the pipe.  Sorry, but something hidden from view yet accessible simply by swiping is only in the most marginal of ways considered “Secret”.

  14. Buzz says:

    I didn’t know that bit about swiping the weather, so thanks.

  15. RiotNrrd says:

    Well yes, that was kind of my point. I understand the reasons why Apple made native Weather and Stocks apps for the original iPhone and iPod Touch (no App Store at the time), but now I would like to get weather and stock information in the Notification Center on the iPad too. I don’t really care whether this is from a native Apple iPad app or from a third-party app, but I want it in the Notification Center drawer, like on the iPhone.

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