Get The Most Out Of The Notification Center Stock Ticker [iOS Tips]



The Notification Center that ships with iOS 5 is nice, and by default it displays a stock ticker, weather, mail, and calendar entries. It all looks great and the eye candy it provides actually conceal some very useful tricks you can use to reach some of its hidden secrets. Today we’ll take a look at the stock ticker.

The stock ticker scrolls continuously, displaying information about stocks as it scrolls from right to left. If you are anxious to see a particular stock in the ticker, but don’t want to wait for it to scroll by, then just tap and hold the ticker. While tapping and holding it, swipe left or right until the stock you want to see appears on the screen. Once you let go the ticker starts ticking again.

If you double tap a particular stock in the stock ticker it opens in the Stocks app.

Once the Stocks app is open you can add and remove stocks to change what the stock ticker displays inside of  the Notification Center.

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37 responses to “Get The Most Out Of The Notification Center Stock Ticker [iOS Tips]”

  1. prof_peabody says:

    How is tapping on the stock ticker any kind of hidden thing in need of a “tip?”  This whole article amounts to … “There is a stock ticker app in the notification screen.”  Everything else is self evident. 

  2. Unis Zuurmond says:

    But how do I change the atocks to South African ones? And if I cannot do that, why can’t I delete the stock ticker, as it only clutters up space.

  3. TipseyMcStumble says:

    You can turn it off…

    Settings –> Notifications –> Stock Widget –> Off

  4. xxglocoxx says:

    This is stupid.

  5. Sc01 says:

    this article sucks

  6. Kyle says:

    It would be nice if an app was developed that allowed you to put your own thing on the ticker. For example it would be cool if you could have the ESPN Bottom Line Ticker was there or something else. Oh well I can dream right?

  7. John Lehmkuhl says:

    Dear Apple: I’m not into stocks. I’d like a widget that allows me to turn on/off wifi, bluetooth and access important preferences quickly (brightness, wallpaper etc).

    I’d also like access to my music – back a song, play/pause, forward a song and volume at least (and while you’re at it, can you please make a freaking useful inteface in music for when you turn iPhone sideways – the the way it always is when I’m driving with GPS. The interface is totally useless – no next song/previous song even).

    A sports widget would also be really valuable for a couple billion of us….

    Free tip that makes this barely informative article worth reading: Search iTunes App store for IconProject. You can thank me with a beer someday.

  8. Chris says:

    and please add iTunes DJ (instant queuing) to the Music App

  9. Chris says:

    you have to search for your specific stock code on a stock exchange in south africa…for example, Apple’s stock at the german exchange Xetra is called APC.DE, instead of AAPL (US stocks)

  10. Gursewak Singh says:

    well, you can double press the home button swipe left and have the music controls there, swipe left and volume controls there, but i guess its not as easy as swiping down from the screen

  11. Unis Zuurmond says:

    Yes I’ve turned mine off, but it still clutters my home screen. I can move it to the second page, but that’s not a clean solution. Same issue with Newsstand – I can only get overseas titles at costs that don’t convert logically to our currency, so I’d like to completely remove the Newsstand.

  12. Unis Zuurmond says:

    Sadly, the JSE (in South Africa) is not supported here.

  13. Unis Zuurmond says:

    Sadly, the JSE (in South Africa) is not supported here.

  14. Cordan says:

    If you want instant access to your WiFi, BT, etc settings i recommend to use this mobile configuration. Works perfectly :) (for iOS 5, you dont a jailbreak!!)

    or the direct link to the profile

  15. TipseyMcStumble says:

    Yeah, you can forget about that. I just put apps like that on a 3rd page that I never visit and pretend they don’t even exist.

  16. Mzr says:

    Stop posting so much rubbish.
    Damn,you’ll lose readers by posting such nOObish articles

  17. Jez says:

    And here is another article for the blindingly obvious !!!!!
    Ps get rid of the ‘floating’ cult of mac bar it’s freakin annoying.

  18. Nohatersincomments says:

    So everyone is telling the author that people that have never had an iPhone who
    may not know you can tap here, swipe there and see something new don’t
    matter? Are all of you so caught up in yourselves or selfish that you want Cult of Mac to alienate new users? What’s up with that?

    What about my parents or my friends grandparents – the latter just getting their first iPhones and and iPad?

    People who are so hateful in blog posts must be people with tiny little hearts made of stone who live under bridges so full of themselves all they can do is try to hurt other people. Karma will get you one of these days – haters!

  19. Zx says:

    It’s not hate. It’s called critic.
    You don’t need to read an article about things like this IMO.
    iOS has some interesting parts that deserve a “how-to” guidr.

  20. Red_Eye_Girl_4434 says:

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