Watch This Hilarious Rap Video Made By Apple Store Employees [Video] [Updated]



Update: Unfortunately, the video has been pulled again.

An interesting music video by Apple Store employees was floating around the internet yesterday, but the video was eventually pulled. (It was that good.)

Now, the video has been re-uploaded to YouTube for all to see. The rap outlines Apple’s customer support steps of service that new retail employees have to learn.

A gold start to anyone that can sit through the whole song.

  • ?OrangeSn0w?

    Why was this pulled? I had to do homework on customer service at apple and I can’t say this didn’t help.

  • William Carter

    Well it defiantly does go over some of the steps I’ve been trained to use =D

  • Arron Hunt

    talen down again

  • Guru

    please put it up again.

  • likethepear

    why do they keep taking the goddam fucking thing down goddammit!!!!!!!! fuck sakes!!!!

  • CoreyALynch

    the video has been removed by the user :(

  • tekunoloji

    It’s gone.

  • GrimWit

    Please remove the post if the stupid video is gone or redirect us to where we can find it.  

  • Thermostat9

    Because it odes not fit with the neo-Maoist control Apple wants to have over what it’s employees does?

  • Rongon

    It has been pulled because they got the sack.

  • Jack

    I work for apple as a sales rep and as part of my contract I’m not allowed to share any files or information apple provide me. Thus this would be a major brech of contract for the employees and as such apple will keep pulling it

  • Former Employee

    i know the people /person who made this video , its at least 1 year old. Christian the Regional manager is probably very upset and i hope someone very nice doesn’t lose his job 

  • Denim009

    someone backup-ed, watch it NOW!


    why did they remove it?? tell them to repost!


    ya. quit being a tease

  • iHum4n

    Is this it reposted?

  • Denim009

    someone backup-ed, watch it now :

  • Mystakill