Apple And Users Reporting iCloud Outages, Are You Affected? [Updated]



For the past hour or so it appears that iCloud has been undergoing widespread outages, with many users unable to log into their email accounts and

Apple has acknowledged the problem, and is working to restore iCloud to its full glory once again.

The iCloud system status webpage gives up to date information on Apple’s cloud service. Here’s the most recent message:

While iCloud is down, you may not be able to use your email address, Photo Stream, or other iCloud services. In the Mail app, you’ll probably get prompts to re-enter your password. Just wait a little bit and everything should be back to normal.

We will update this page when there’s word that iCloud has been fully restored. In the meantime, is iCloud down for you?

Update: As of 15:29 PST, iCloud is back online.