Your iPhone 5 Could Be Crazy Thin Thanks To New Nano-SIMs



One of the first handset makers to really embrace the microSIM format was Apple. By reducing a standard SIM card size to about half the size of a normal sized SIM, Apple was able to deliver the iPhone 4, its thinnest smartphone yet. Could an advance in SIM technology help Apple make the iPhone 5 even thinner? Enter the nano-SIM.

Created by G&D — the same German-based company that produced the world’s first SIM card — the nano-SIM is a third smaller than the microSIM used in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It’s not just smaller though, it’s also 15% thinner, and like the microSIM before it, fully backwards compatible with an adapter.

In the tightly packed interiors of our favorite devices, every millimeter counts and can lead to thinner, sexier designs and better battery life… both things that Apple has a history of prioritizing in their devices. Don’t be surprised to see a nano-SIM in a future iPhone… that is, if Apple doesn’t get their way with reprogrammable SIM modules instead.