Are You Telepathic? Incredible Hack Gives Siri The Ability To Read People’s Minds [Video]



No matter how hard you concentrate and how far you extend your pineal gland, Siri can only understand what you say to it, not read your mind? But what if it could?

That question is no longer a hypothetical. The guys behind Project Black Mirror have just figured out a way to imbue Siri with telepathic abilities… kind of.

Using a home-built rig made up of an Arduino prototyping platform, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 4S and ECG pads to help capture the subject’s analog brain waves, the Project Black Mirror hackers have figured out a way to turn brain waves into synthesized speech which is then input into Siri using the microphone jack.

In the video above, all the guys manage to do is place a call using Siri. I suspect that there isn’t much psychic grammar being used here, and that you can’t just think to Siri that you’d like to call your mother without first programming the MacBook Pro interpreter to understand the entire brain wave as “call my mother.”

Still, this project is in the very earliest stages of development, so possibly, given enough time, Siri will be able to do more complicated tasks, like Wolfram Alpha calculations, just by thinking them at it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have that ability in the iPhone 5?

[via iDownloadBlog]