How Do I Disable iCal Reminder Alerts On My Mac? [Ask MacRx]



iCal’s Reminders feature is a handy way to keep track of our To Do lists, but sometimes you get pestered more than desired. Here’s one way to quiet things down when your iDevices have nagged you sufficiently:

I love the new Reminders app for iOS, and it ties in beautifully with my use on my iPad and iPhone. However, I hate sitting down at the end of the day and having to click through all my day’s reminders on my computer through iCal. In the iCloud settings, I can only disable iCal, but I don’t want to disable my calendars, just the reminders part of it. Is there a way I can disable iCal reminder notifications on my Mac without disabling the calendar syncing? – Benjamen

Hi Benjamen,

Yes there is. On your Mac in iCal –> Preferences –> Advanced tab, there is an option to Turn Off All Alerts. Click this checkbox; that should do what you desire.

It worked! Thank you for your help.

  • Habebe

    I don’t understand with iCloud why you can’t get the alert only once and then it turns off the calendar.