Dragon Express Brings Siri-Like Speech-To-Text To Your Mac



Want Siri-like abilities on your Mac? Nuance has just launched their latest Dragon product onto the Mac App Store. Called Dragon Express, the $49 app brings Nuance speech recognition to your menu bar… the same powerful engine Siri uses to crunch your voice!

Dragon Express is a scaled back version of Dragon Dictate that sits in your Lion menubar. Just trigger a keyboard shortcut or mouse click to tell the app you’re ready to speak.

At that point, Dragon Express will begin to take dictation. Once you’re done, you’re able to email, Google, copy, Tweet, Facebook or send that text to an application. Pretty swank, although $49 may be a bit rich for my blood.

  • Christopher Cobble

    Things like that exist already…Mac already has the built-in voice recognition in the “Speech” pref pane. Maybe with the Nuance engine it will recognize better, but the cool part about Siri Is that you don’t have to use exact words…you can just talk naturally. I’m still crossing my fingers on Siri for Mac :)

  • Guest

    When I was in university about 7 years ago, I used something that was called ViaVoice made by IBM. I hated it! You had to “trained’ it to recognized your voice but it never was perfect. It actually sucked. It costed like $200 i think. When I tried Siri I was actually impressed that I could talk to it without any voice training recognizing. I hope Siri does come to the Mac too. But if this Dragon app works good as Siri hey the price $50 is right. 

  • Custom

    More expansive than the whole Lion OS!
    Eeeh no thank you….

  • Figurative

    dEAD App wALKING…  Siri will put Dragon away.

  • turbohand

    Well I bought it. It doesn’t work. Nuance Support has no idea what this product is.

    Should have used the $50 to light the fireplace.