Apple Is Holding Back A Hulu Plus App For Apple TV [Rumor]



A Hulu Plus application seems like the perfect addition to Apple’s $99 set-top box. While the device already comes packing a native Netflix app, the only way users can access current TV shows is by using the iTunes Store. According to some sources, however, a Hulu Plus app is ready to go, but Apple may not release it.

The Cupertino company already has a final build of the Hulu Plus app, according to sources for 9to5Mac, but it’s not yet ready to go public. There are no technical issues holding it back, but there are some political ones.

Apple reportedly feels the launch of Hulu Plus on the Apple TV could damage TV show sales through the company’s iTunes Store. Netflix already offers older TV shows, but the iTunes Store is the only source for fresh content. The launch of Hulu Plus would mean that’s no longer the case, and those with a subscription may not be visiting the iTunes Store as often as they have been.

Hulu Plus is already available on Apple’s iOS devices, but it’s one of the few video streaming apps that doesn’t offer AirPlay compatibility, which means you can’t send content to your TV unless you hook up your iPad via HDMI.


  • Brandon

    You can Airplay Mirror Hulu via the iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

  • Wayne_Luke

    Well… They can block it. I’ll keep watching Hulu+ on my television via my non-Apple laptop instead of buying an AppleTV box. However with the app, my purchase of an AppleTV device is more secure.

  • Michael Robertson

    This is why I don’t have Apple TV… It could do so much more if they would let it.

  • Tlacue

    this is the exact reason i went out and bought a second roku for the living room where the apple tv is.  i need my hulu plus and would advise anyone else to go with the roku instead and it’s cheaper.

  • Chrismac88

    But if, as Apple said when they ended the ability to rent TV shows in iTunes, ‘customers prefer to buy TV shows rather than rent’, then they should have nothing to worry about from a Hulu+ app.

    Actually I know renting vs Hulu+ is not an Apples to Apples comparison (no pun intended), but if I still had the ability to rent TV shows in iTunes, I would not be so eager to get a Hulu+ app on the Apple TV.

    I refuse to buy TV shows that I’ll only watch once and never again.

  • AJ

    i will just continue streaming from my macbook pro via cable… no sweat.

  • MacGoo

    Um – Apple no longer requires HDMI to connect your iPad to your Apple TV – Airplay has mirroring. So if you have an iPad with Hulu+ and an Apple TV, this isn’t really an issue. Your problem is already solved.

  • MacRat


    We currently don’t have the rights to make this show available on TV or mobile devices — request to be notified if it becomes available in Hulu Plus.

  • CharliK

    I don’t know if that is your analysis or 9to5 but it is way off. Folks have been demanding that Apple do a subscription for ages. Which means they have to set up the rights etc. Adding Hulu+ along with netflix services that demand without Apple having to do any contracts for every network etc. Why wouldn’t they do it. After all, those that are willing to buy will buy, those that won’t will just wait or torrent

    The catch here is the same one that got the Google TV. Hulu doesn’t have the contractual rights to show their stuff on TVs. Only computers and devices. Sure you can use a cable with your computer so that your tv is your monitor but that’s a little tomato tomahto game that Hulu can say is not their fault. But they do block video out on devices as much as possible and yes they are blocked on the Google TV and no Apple can’t yet flip the switch. 

    Networks is totally chicken poop about messing with their holy Nielsen Ratings because that’s where the money to pay for show production is pulled. It’s lame that they don’t count iTunes, Amazon, ads via hulu etc but they don’t. So even if they allow Hulu on the these tv systems you can bet that it will come with a minimum 8 day wait so that they will still get their ratings numbers for the initial OTA. But I suppose that is better than nothing

  • anon…

    I’ve never gotten into Hulu; I use Plex and um…other means….to watch shows.  What I’d LOVE is for the Apple TV to add the NFL package (I know there’s a contract with DirecTV) or an ESPN “package” (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU).

    I’ve loved cutting the cord, except for live sports.

  • Dustin Leer

    You can mirror hulu+ from your ipad to the apple tv

  • itpittsburgh

    and it sucks that they’re holding it back!  a Service like Hulu will only help Apple TV Device sales.

  • Peter

    “The catch here is the same one that got the Google TV. Hulu doesn’t have the contractual rights to show their stuff on TVs.”

    This is false. There is a Hulu Plus app on my Samsung blu-ray player that is obviously designed to let me view it on a TV; there is also a Hulu Plus app for Roku.