Last Day To Buy The Fall 2011 Mac MEGA Bundle, 8 Great Apps For $35! [Deals]


Mega Bundle


If you’ve been sitting around debating whether or not to buy the Fall 2011 Mac MEGA Bundle, you better hurry the heck up and make a decision. The Deals.CultofMac Fall 2011 Mac MEGA Bundle will only be available for another 20 hours. If you’ve ever wanted to test your hand at web development, give Flux a go; you won’t find it cheaper than here! We’re busting out the Fall 2011 Mac MEGA Bundle  packed with great creation tools as well as productivity goodies and utilities. This bundle has 8 top Apps worth a total of $300 that we’re able to sell for $35. This bundle has a shorter lifespan than some of our other deals, though, and will only be around for 6 days, so get it while you still have the chance.


Website design apps can cost up to $400. Realizing that creating a great looking website shouldn’t cost as much as your car payment, The Escapers decided to make an app that empowers the everyday computer user without exploiting their pocketbook.  Flux is an advanced XHTML and CSS web design software. You can do Web 2.0, AJAX, and most other buzzword-compliant things.

  • Flux has the following features:
  • Drag-and-drop design of web pages, you can do almost anything without touching or even seeing XHTML/CSS. But you can meddle with the code if you want.
  • Apply cool (or cheesy) effects to images from right within Flux.
  • Attach funky javascript actions to your page without having a clue what they mean.

Color Splash Studio

The last time we offered Color Splash Studio in a bundle people went nuts for it, so it’s back. Color Splash Studio lets you easily create amazing photos with selective colors. The most powerful, comprehensive & intuitive application to make outstanding pictures with selective colors! Check out these exceptional features and understand why everyone is talking about Color Splash Studio.

  • High-end algorithm for fast and most impressive image processing
  • Monochrome layers include grayscale and sepia – no other color splash app offers the same
  • Adjustable parameters for the brush: diameter, softness, opacity
  • Adjustable parameters for grayscale and sepia layers: brightness, contrast, blur
  • Adjustable parameters for color layer: brightness, contrast, blur, hue, saturation, exposure
  • Selective blur for grayscale, sepia and color layers (100% adjustable)
  • Support of practically all image formats, including RAW files
  • High resolution support – up to 32 megapixels
  • Integration with Aperture and iPhoto albums
  • Sharing via most popular social networks
  • Intuitive user interface with a possibility to compare original and resulting image, full screen mode, high-quality zoom to identify smallest details, easy access to every single tool and more



Compartments is a home inventory application with time-saving features like Quick Add and Smart Collections, making the process of home inventory easier than ever. And with gorgeous icons and a beautifully illustrated, intuitive interface, home inventory has never been more pleasant. Protect your valuables the easy way. Compartments is a brand new, gorgeous, fast, easy-to-use home inventory application. Enter dozens of items in seconds, all in one dialog box, with Quick Add. Select multiple items and apply tags and other details with Quick Apply. Access everything with keyboard shortcuts. Spend minutes, not hours, entering data. Compartments keeps track of everything you need to know about your products: serial numbers, purchase dates, scanned or photographed receipts, and the exact date of your warranty expiration. WarrantyGuard also keeps track of the warranties that are about to expire, so you can be ready to purchase extended warranties if necessary.



Some of the best quality video downloads on the internet don’t always come in an iOS friendly format, which makes a converter a must-have app. Kompressor has a very simple user interface, supports drag and drop as well as batch processing. The fastest, easiest way to convert videos and photo. Enables user to convert videos for iPad, iPhone, iPod, AppleTV and Other devices.

PDF Editor for Mac

PDF Editor is an innovative program for Mac OS X users. It not only can help users edit PDF text, insert images and signatures and annotate PDFs, but also allows users to convert PDF to Word for more flexible editing.

Key Features:

  • Add text into PDF files – Modify or insert text in editable text blocks – Drag and drop blocks of text to change the text layouts
  • Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word documents with several clicks
  • Insert images (including graphics and digital signatures) into PDF files
  • Crop, resize, move, delete images in PDF files
  • Add multiple PDF annotations: Sticky Note, Text Box, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Oval, etc.
  • Markup PDF text with text tools, including highlight, underline, and strikethrough – Edit Bookmarks and Properties


Concealer stores information in the form of cards and uses the latest encryption methods (AES-256) to protect information such as credit card numbers, passwords, software license codes, files of any type, and much more.

Account cards in Concealer come with various templates that make storing your private and personal information very simple. Just choose a category, copy your information into the pre-defined fields, and know your information is protected from unwanted eyes. Concealer can also copy multiple fields to the Clipboard to make pasting it into login or payment forms.

Hands Off!

Hands Off! is an application to monitor and control the access of applications to your network and disks. Being able to monitor the normally unnoticeable activities enables you to make informed decisions regarding the transfer of your private information, hence avoiding confidential information leakage.

When connected to the Internet, applications can send any information stored on your computer to whomever they want without you ever knowing. Using Hands Off!, you can monitor and control Internet connections from all applications as to expose hidden connections and prevent them from sending data or phoning home.

Back In Time

Back In Time allows users to transcend Time Machine restoration possibilities. Back In Time offers an easy access to all the data backed up by Time Machine. Features you can do with Back In Time only:

  • Show how many versions of each document are available, and when they were saved.
  • Show items that were deleted.
  • Drag and Drop to copy items anywhere.
  • Open multiple browsers at the same time.
  • Handle multiple Time Machine disks.
  • Access Time Machine data from other Macs.
  • Preview different versions of Time Machine backups.