Big Problems With Little Mophie Battery Pack?



After my post yearning for more battery life out of my iPhone 3GS and hoping that the Mophie Juice Pack Air might hold the solutions to all of problems, a reader, who shall remain anonymous, tipped me off to some unresolved problems with the current generation fo the combination iPhone case/battery pack.

At left is one of two screenshots he sent me purporting to show the Juice Pack Air refusing to provide power to his iPhone (which kind of defeats its purpose). He bought one, was told it was defective, was given a replacement, and found it had the same troubles.

Here’s his explanation:

“It only happens if you discharge your iPhone to 20% warning. Then allow the Mophie to charge your iPhone 3GS until its depleted. Once it’s at zero charge the errors happen in the iPhone 3GS every time. I think those errors even crashed the phone once, but this is unconfirmed but feel its right since it was left to charge, placed in an outer mesh pocket of a laptop bag and found unresponsive later until removed from the Mophie and hard reset. Sigh.”

Anyone else seen these issues? I’ll admit, it has me back in a wait-and-see mode again…

  • Dgkdabest

    i bought the case brand new and the same thing came up…. it also says that while in the case, that there is no volume output? as in it doesnt ring when i get a text or when i am typing on a keyboard it doesnt click either. any help?

  • Chiflatironss

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  • Rudi Halbright

    Same problems and more. My juice pack air was replaced twice due to defects. The final one worked for a good while, a little more than the warranty period. I contacted Morphie and they won’t do anything for me post warranty.

    Pretty disappointing from what I expected to be a premium product. Premium marketing, yes, product and customer service, not really.

  • don peach

    Same problem here. Had it for about 3 months and then says it’s not compatible.

  • Gavsusedgames

    utter shite products the charging pin allways breaks loose after 7-8 months would never buy again

  • On-Callalways

    I have the same problem.  If I wiggle the charging cable connected to the charging pin it worked but half way through the night it would move slightly and stop charging.  It’s an awesome charger when it works.  I use it everyday to recharge my battery but if I have to keep replacing it because it continues to be made poorly it’s time to go somewhere else and let the world know to stay away from Mophie.  Maybe this will get a fire under their ass to fix these problems!  Are you listening MOPHIE??

  • desiusa tv

    did u ever solve the problemm….

  • cualan

    I am on my third juice pack as all three have failed with the micro USB connection. To be fair to Mophie they have quickly replaced the faulty units but it is frustrating to have the same thing happen time after time. My last juice pack lasted less than one month!
    This should be an issue that Mophie can resolve. I am surprised they have not done so as when the product works its great. They are sending me a fourth replacement tomorrow-if this one also fails I’ll give up!

  • kathleen hunt

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