Add A Second SIM Slot To Your iPhone 4 With The Latest Peel


  • prof_peabody

    This would be (technically) illegal also, but it remains to be seen whether it’s a bad enough violation for Apple to take them to court.  

    Jailbreaking for illegal purposes is still illegal.  A company that makes jailbreaking a central part of their product plan is a bit stupid IMO.  

  • quee

    tried to register and guess whatPage not found
    woo ma

  • John Mozelewski

    how is this illegal you can legally use your iphone on t-mobile what is the difference

  • Christopher Santos

    In response to a request by the Electronic Frontier
    Foundation, the U.S. Copyright Office explicitly recognized an exemption to the
    DMCA to permit jailbreaking in order to allow iPhone owners to use their phones
    with applications that are not available from Apple’s store, and to unlock
    their iPhones for use with unapproved carriers. Apple had previously filed
    comments opposing this exemption and indicated that they did consider
    jailbreaking to be a violation of copyright (and by implication prosecutable
    under the DMCA). In their ruling, the Library of Congress affirmed on July 26,
    2010 that jailbreaking is exempt from DMCA rules with respect to circumventing
    digital locks. This exemption must be reviewed and renewed every three years or
    else it will expire.


  • Mike Rathjen

    Oh really. What law forbids switching SIMs?

    You don’t need this fancy case to switch SIMs. All this case does it make it more convenient.

  • Brandon Dillon

    Peabody is a frequent anti-American troll. Don’t feed it.

  • Mike Kohler

    Depending on price and quality, this may not be any different from what is sold relatively cheap at dealextreme in various designs.

  • John Mozelewski

    i was just wondering lol i didnt think it was illegal but wasnt 100% sure