How Can I Remove the MobileMe System Preference Pane? [Ask MacRx]



So iCloud is finally here, and MobileMe is going away. This is generally a good thing, but vestiges of the old remain with the new. One reader is wondering how he can make a clean break:

I’ve successfully upgraded to Lion, to iOS 5 on my iPhone 4, and migrated from MobileMe to iCloud. BUT, I still see the MobileMe icon in my system preferences, how do I remove it?


Hi Mark,

I have the same situation on my Macs running Lion; the MobileMe Preference Pane remains after the iCloud upgrade. It does still control your iDisk usage settings, if you are making use of that feature, though this too will stop working next year. Its continuing presence is probably more of a visual nuisance than anything else.

However, if you truly want to remove this, quit System Preferences, then on your startup drive go to /System/Library/PreferencePanes. This is where the Apple pref panes live. Be careful working in this folder (or anything inside /System), as you can disable parts of your Mac by removing the wrong items. Copy the MobileMe.prefPane file to your desktop as a backup, then delete the original. You will be asked for an admin password to make this change. Once removed, when you relaunch System Preferences it will be gone.

I cannot vouch for whether this is still needed for anything, though, so this procedure and suggestion is caveat emptor – proceed at your own risk.

Thanks for replying. I was close to doing exactly as you instructed on my own. Anyway, your instructions worked. I have a copy of the MobileMe prefpane, just in case of an issue. It did remove it from the system preferences.

  • Nico

    Why not: System Preferences -> View -> Customize -> Uncheck MobileMe -> Done.

  • cranstone

    Very nice! Thanks for the tip.

  • MacHead84

    Nico 1 – COM 0

  • Adam Rosen

    Yeah that would work too.  Honestly I never used that feature in System Prefs before, so hadn’t even thought of that.  Thanks for the tip.

  • Adam Rosen

    Point taken.  However this isn’t a competition, we’re just trying to help when we can.  Always happy to learn new things myself…

  • Jay

    i am sorry, thats all i have to say…lol…

  • MacHead84

    Just messing around, you guys are crazy smart at COM (well the helpers, not the link baters) So keep up the good work!

  • Nico

    No problem! I think that feature was introduced in Lion, so it’s fairly new.

  • likethepear

    Why are the writers here always so quick to jump into the terminal or start deleting stuff in system folders. Geez, hello, checkboxes!

  • Adam Rosen

    Two reasons why we are so “cavalier” about this:

    1 – as noted by Nico below – who pointed out the checkbox method – this option is new to Lion.  It does not exist in System Preferences for Snow Leopard and earlier, so I wasn’t even aware it was an option.  Live and learn.

    2 – checkboxes and other GUI tools are essentially just shortcuts to doing things in Terminal and directly on the hard disk.  Sometimes you get nice shortcuts like checkboxes, sometimes you don’t.  The method I described will definitely work, all the time. 

    Your mileage may vary.  

  • Jim Rock

    Had to do it Adam’s way