‘iMac Believer’ Video Tribute To Steve Jobs Is Weirdly Catchy



I’ve seen a lot of weird videos on the internet over the years, but ‘iMac Believer’, a video tribute to Steve Jobs takes the cake. It’s probably the most bizarre video tribute I’ve ever seen.

The video was posted to YouTube by GangBabyGaga. It might be influenced by Ms. Lady Gaga, due to the showmanship and effects in the video. It has a catchy tune, “I’m a Believer” written by Neil Diamond, that we’ve probably all heard played by The Monkees and Smash Mouth, to name a few. However, it is freaky enough to make you want to sleep with a gun after watching it.

Check it out  and decide for yourself about whether it will be the next big internet hit or not.


I’ll record my vote here — two thumbs up, but I’ll still be sleeping with one eye open tonight. LOL.

[via Wired]