Show Downloads In Safari With This Quick Keyboard Tip [OS X Tips]



I’m beginning to like using the keyboard a lot more these days and the tip today shows how useful a keyboard can be. I use Safari a great deal and I download a lot of content from the internet using it. Every so often I need to see the current download list, which is easily accessible from the keyboard.

If you are using Safari and you need quick access to the list of recently downloaded files simply press Command+Option+L. Safari will immediately display the files you downloaded unless the download list is empty in that case nothing will happen.


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13 responses to “Show Downloads In Safari With This Quick Keyboard Tip [OS X Tips]”

  1. spice__weasel says:

    thanks, i was looking for that shortcut. i really preferred the old safari downloads window implementation..

  2. prof_peabody says:

    I don’t like either.  An option to “never see downloads” and keep the list at zero the whole time would be appreciated.  I never need to see it and I’m sick and tired of clearing it as well as all the other automatic lists that happen in Safari and in the OS in general.  In the latest Safari, it actually becomes highly unstable if you clear out the saved/tracking data.  

    It’s an idiotic design and if there was actually an alternative browser that was attractive, well-designed and didn’t have all the automatic features I would switch in a heartbeat.  

    As of today, there aren’t any better alternatives to Safari however.  

  3. cliqsquad says:

    I do like the download manager design of Safari 5, let’s up it comes to iOS so I won’t need a third party download manager any more 

  4. Francisco Garza says:

    Does anyone else find it annoying that you have to manually close the downloads popup even after you switch apps?

  5. twitter-28439603 says:

    Write a bug at

  6. twitter-28439603 says:

    No, because I want it to stay open (to simulate the old downloads window).

  7. George says:


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