Nearly 40% Of iPhones Are Already Running iOS 5 [Report]



According to a new report by Chitika Insights, nearly 40% of iPhones are currently running iOS 5. Apple released its latest mobile operating system to the public on October 12th, and users are continuing to install the new OS at a rapid pace.

Nearly one month has now passed since the release, and iOS 5 can be found on 38% of iPhones, 30% of iPads, and only 12% of iPod touch devices.

Chitika Insights measured traffic on iOS devices between October 22nd and October 28th to determine user adoption.

Almost 80% of iPod touch devices are still on iOS 4, while the iPhone is naturally showing the fastest adoption of iOS 5. The iPhone’s higher percentage can also be attributed to strong sales for the iPhone 4S that ships with iOS 5 pre-installed. The numbers also say something about how people use the iPhone and iPad as their primary devices, while the iPod touch is generally used more for leisure.

(via BGR)

  • MailJunkie

    Yup, I’ve made the switch… and my battery dies every 6 – 8 hours. How do I go back to the old software?!

  • Jdgrey52

    My battery was the same way and I read a post about restoring your settings and since then my battery life has significantly improved. I don’t know if works for everyone but wanted to share.
    I also read if that didn’t help to restore iPhone and start as a new phone not from your iPhone 4 backup as there are issues with the backup. So far I haven’t had to do that.

  • Chris

    I think another workaround is to disable ‘automatically set time zone’ in the location services

  • Erik Maier

    That number will double once an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is released. That’s the only thing myself and everyone I know is waiting for.

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  • doro86

    I dont think so iOS works good at any more, we are facing a bug with battery……

  • Adam Schneider

    Even if that number is 99.9%, it will never be 100% because my dad doesnt want to upgrade.