Microsoft Reportedly Dumps Blogger Over iPhone Use



Microsoft allegedly aborted a deal with a Swedish mobile blogger because he uses an iPhone.

Toni Johansson, at the helm of site, said that responding to an email with the “sent from my iPhone” signature cost him a funding deal from Microsoft. As a result, he’s closing the site.

“They abruptly closed the door due to the fact of a simple signature,” Johansson told iTnews via email.

Johansson says he was very close to working out a deal with Microsoft to sponsor a redesign of his site. While arranging lunch with a Microsoft “evangelist,” Johansson answered and email from his iPhone.

Instead of confirming the appointment, the Microsoft contact reportedly highlighted the iPhone signature on the email and shot back: “not a chance that we’ll continue after this!”

If that did cost Johansson the site he’s been running for 6 years, I sympathize. His last post on the site (if Google translate can be trusted) blasting Microsoft for arrogance says that he’s been in talks with them to sponsor the site for two years. He also says that he has confirmation that the response was not that of just one Microsoft employee but a company-wide policy.

He also points out that over the years, he has tested lots of phones (Android, Blackberry, etc.) to see what “healthy alternatives there are to Microsoft phones.” Plus, Johansson, who has a day job, figured he’s entitled to use whatever devices he wants — and the fact that he uses other platforms and is open about it has often provided interesting dialogue with readers.

It’s a good thing no one would think worse of me for responding to Cult of Mac emails from my Android phone.

Apple aficionados think different, right?

Via ITNews