Firefox 8 For Mac Is Here, Get It Now



If you’re still rocking the red panda as your default browser, great news. Following the new rapid release cycle that saw Firefox leap from version 4 to version 7 in just six months, Firefox has made another evolutionary leap today with the official release of Firefox 8.

What’s new? For one thing, Firefox now allows you to load tabs on demand, which makes it a lot faster to restore windows when there are many tabs open.

Mozilla is also tightening up security with Firefox 8, disabling all add-ons installed by third parties and making upgraders re-enable them in the preference pain.

Another major new feature is integrated Twitter search in English, Portuguese, Slovenian and Japanese. Firefox’s search bar now contains a Twitter dropdown option, and anything you type there will return the most recent results in Twitter.

There are also a number of new technical improvements, including:

• Added CORS support for cross-domain textures in WebGL
• Added support for HTML5 context menus
• Added support for insertAdjacentHTML
• Improved CSS hyphen support for many languages
• Improved WebSocket support

If you’re feeling like upgrading, Firefox 8 for Mac can be downloaded here.

  • xoicon

    preferences pane*

  • Bjohnson

    I think the “pain” typo was actually apropos!

  • m_el

    Has anyone been using Firefox for the past few months? On Windows it’s so slow to load up sometimes. Just wondered what it was like on the Mac?

  • Tim Meesseman

    Remember when major releases were actually major releases?

  • brnmbrns

    For Mac? Hardly. Still lacking Lion compatibility. 

  • Chris Camps

    Funny, my Safari crashes as I try to download Firefox.

    Is it a sign?

  • dale2000

    Also slow.  Still eats too much memory.  Chrome/Chrome derivatives are still my faves, personally.

  • Johnny

    I’m using firefox currently, although I’m typing this one Chrome.  It works fine for me but it does seem to crash more often than chrome, hopefully after this update it will improve.  

  • cliqsquad

    I’ll take it for a spin, it has been a memory hog and slow lately. I miss FF

  • Tcbnarek

    So no fullscreen for Macs?

  • m_el

    yeah this seems to have happened around version 4 and I’ve not been too happy since so I’m on chrome too. I’m hoping to get a mac soon and I’m just interested, why do a lot of mac users not use Safari?

  • David Shanahan

    There are three issues with the new ‘rapid release’ Firefox:

    1. Bumping the major release number each time is madness. Just because Chrome does it doesn’t make it right (quite the opposite in fact).

    2. Six weeks between releases is too short, three months would be better. The old way was too slow but the new way is too fast and doesn’t allow enough time for adequate testing. Which causes problem three below…

    3. Firefox is crashing more since the rapid release schedule was adopted

  • Peter

    Mac users are roughly divided into two groups. One uses the default apps – Safari, Mail, iCal, etc – and doesn’t feel the need to talk about it, ever. The other (tiny minority) are people who, almost on principle, won’t use the default apps and feel the need to broadcast that fact incessantly. So, if you hang out on any forum where choice of browser is discussed, which voices do you think you’ll hear?

  • Michael

    You’re on a safari to catch a firefox? Maybe you should ask an internet explorer to help you out.

  • larrymadill

    I’ll wait until Firefox goes to 11.

    Also, don’t care. I switched to Chrome and occasionally use Safari for Web-Apps I like to run in full screen (scenechronize, Facebook, etc).

  • prof_peabody

    Firefox and Chrome both completely ignore Mac UI conventions and always have, so I don’t know why anyone would think they care about full-screen support.  

    They may add it, they may not.  The assumption that they necessarily *will* add it (based on the idea that they actually care about the Mac UI), is demonstrably false however. 

  • Guss

    i don’t care about the release number – that’s up to them. Firefox has a lot of potential and probably the fastest and most customizable of the browsers but it’s not as fun to use as safari (none of them are) – we need multi-touch gestures!!!

  • Michael Poplawski

    One reason to use Firefox is the number and quality of Add-Ons which people have created.

  • blueleaves

    I hope that they’re going to give it a Lion UI overhaul soon – it looks like a Snow Leopard app still. Disappointing. I still use FF as my second browser, but they seem to be steadily losing ground, product-wise.

  • Mike Rathjen

    The New Firefox Release Schedule:
    “We’re breaking your plug-in compatibility at a record pace!”

  • dale2000

    That’s a crude rundown. You forgot two other types of people:

    – those who have tried everything and merely like sharing which apps they’ve had best experiences with (I, for one, use many ‘default’ apps because of reasons like tight integration)

    – those who like to differentiate themselves by pointing out observed flaws in those around them. Welcome to society, friend. I hope you don’t find integrating yourself too great a challenge.

  • dale2000

    I’ve been using Rockmelt, a Chrome derivative, and it has basic Lion fullscreen support.

  • David Maloney

    PPC users still have Firefox 8 in the form of tenfourfox, developers have also added a quicktime enabler that hands youtube off to quicktime, bypassing flash, which is terrible on PPC macs.

  • Troels Hylsberg

    Safari is a horrible memory hog. It uses quite a lot of mem compared to Chrome and it never releases it again unless you quit the browser and start it again. 600+MB used mem is not uncommon with Safari with only a few tabs open.

  • Themacviews

    Chrome does have fullscreen and gestures for lion.