Apple To HTC: There’s No Comma In Our Name, Doofus [Humor]


Apple name without comma

Hysterical. In a recent response to HTC’s ITC complaint against Apple, Cupertino didn’t just deny all of HTC’s charges… it even went as far as to correct the Taiwanese device maker’s punctuation, snarkily writing:

Apple denies that its correct name is Apple, Inc. The correct name of Respondent is Apple Inc.


  • James Padilla

    What is so hysterical?  Because of a misprint on HTC’s part?  Not too funny but I guess it’s a Apple story…

  • Sean Murphy

    “an” Apple story

  • Guest

    Obsession with detail:  classic Apple.

  • “fanbois”

    Seriously, a misprint? Is this a fly-by-night company? And you had to post a defense of them?

  • iDaBoss

    oh ho, my sides hurts from the laughteration

  • avid23

    Ok so I just didn’t get the joke, someone please explain it to me.

  • Peter

    Another score in the war of attrition. Bravo.

  • marioyohanes

    Ok, HTC suing Apple for Mac computers? Correct me if i’m wrong… those guys at HTC probably still wearing diapers when Mac introduced for the first time!

  • ckuo

    htc has acquired s3 graphics, although they are both control by Wang, htc want their patents.

  • baby_Twitty

    HTC = Happy Trolling Company.

  • :(

    These apple vs android wars should be over. Every sane person knows that apple is the best (in terms of quality, OS, design etc.) and google should just go back to being a web browser! 

  • Guest

    Proper grammar is always important. It has even been known to save lives.

    Let’s eat Grandpa!
    Let’s eat, Grandpa!

    Tiny, but very important difference.