Use Siri To Voice Control A Vintage Mac 512K! [Video]



Despite the fact that Siri’s guts are in a billion dollar data facility in North Carolina somewhere, the iPhone 4S can actually be used to voice control an old Mac 512K.

The process is a little convoluted, but essentially, because a Mac’s email program can run AppleScript according to the text of received mails, it’s not too hard to use Siri to drive your vintage Mac.

Terribly neat. Now if someone could just figure out how to let me use Siri to control my Apple TV when I lose the remote between the cushions.

[via Daring Fireball]

13 responses to “Use Siri To Voice Control A Vintage Mac 512K! [Video]”

  1. Doron says:

    who still has that computer :s

  2. fortninety says:

    Plenty of folks!

  3. Kendall Tawes says:

    It’s a hobby computer now but you can still have fun with it.

  4. SevanGrim says:

    …am i missing something? it looks like he sent an email to himself using an iphone. I was under the impression that Siri was actually like… idk running software or something. I can do this without Siri right now… making it far less amazing. or maybe i just dont get it.
     Stellar work Brownlee

  5. Dukat says:

    Please explain how you can do this right now without Siri.  Please take us through your steps….

  6. SevanGrim says:

    please explain why i cant.