Internet Briefly Hit By Huge Outage Along U.S. East Coast


Photo by noii's -
Photo by noii's -

If you felt like your Internet connection briefly died early Monday morning, you were not alone. About 9 am Eastern (6 am PT) many cable Internet customers along the East Coast and stretching down to Texas lost online connections. The glitch hit “most of our service areas,” Time Warner Cable told Twitter users.

The problem, now apparently resolved, also affected users of cable Internet provider RCN, which reported customers in Boston and through Pennsylvania briefly found themselves without connections.

The incident was surprising due to the growing reliance on the Internet and the relatively stable nature of online connections. The short outage only served to remind consumers their connection to Google or online shopping relies on a multitude of distant servers and switches. I found myself bewildered after not being able to connect to Google.

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15 responses to “Internet Briefly Hit By Huge Outage Along U.S. East Coast”

  1. Morgan says:

    What a misleading headline. Way to go CoM. Your journalism is turning intoainstre sensationalism.

  2. Karl says:

    And here I thought it was the usual crappy internet connection we have at work. 

  3. Mike Radie says:

    I thought it was a clitch with Lion again!

  4. Austin Fulton says:

    i was thinking the same thing

  5. mikeyw says:

    I’m in Los Angeles, same issue

  6. knock knock says:

    read somewhere else then.

  7. Hindmost says:

    China is most unhappy with Obama’s messing in the Pacific. There are consequences

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